Technical Analysis

How do I start with the learning of technical analysis in forex? I am a little confused in what to start with and from where. What might be the best way to do this?

Hi, did you visit the education section already? Regards Greg

Technical analysis is about identifying the best place to enter a trade. Always look at where support and resistance is. There are many ways to identify support and resistance some include moving averages, trend lines, Fibonacci, horizontal lines at round numbers where price has stalled and reversed before and ichimoku cloud (for Japanese Pairs).

No, as I am new to babypips. I didn’t get much to explore. Thank you. I will check that. But one question is that paid?

This is very informative. Thank you mate. Can you answer what to look at the most- fundamental or the technical analysis?

Under “normal” trading conditions direction comes from the Central Banks. Right now due to Covid19 and other geopolitical news we are in global economic crisis. Since all the major Central Banks have cut their rates to as low as they are willing to go I think we are in a sideways market for now. So in answer to your question, direction come from fundamentals.

it is free :slight_smile: