Technical vs Fundamental Analysis

Which is better to use? Technical or fundamental analysis?

Both technical analysis and fundamental analysis are useful tools for forex traders. But in my opinion, fundamental analysis can provide a bigger picture of the market news that impacts currency exchange.

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Fundamentals are important to forex prices. The responses of the big banks to fundamentals drive prices.

But there are problems with using detailed fundamental analysis as a private retail trader strategy without technical analysis. Firstly, the big banks can do FA faster and better than we can: there is zero chance of finding something in FA which the big banks have not yet seen. And when the big banks move they cause prices to rise or fall, so its easy to see what they thought of this or that fundamental.

But just as important, FA will tell you what direction to take but not the route. FA will tell you that to get from New York to Los Angeles by car you need to go west: TA tells you what roads to follow.


personally i think fundamental analysis is the best option for the traders and this is the permanent issue , the result of technical analysis is for short time , so no like this approach.

Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are two popular methods used by traders to analyze securities and make decisions.Technical analysis involves studying charts and historical price data to identify patterns and trends that can help predict future price movements. On the other hand, Fundamental analysis involves analyzing financial and economic data.


i stay away from these two ,that’s how i start profiting


It’s better to use What makes you money …

The important thing is that you have a strategy… no Matter if it’s technical or fundamental… the important thing is to Make profits…

Try both … try even a combination… and see what works for you