Tensions between US and Iran

I would say time to prepare some JPY long positions against USD ready for trigger

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USD/JPY Intraday: the upside prevails.
0.000% 0 Day

Long positions above 107.80 with targets at 108.25 & 108.45 in extension.

In this situation i dont trust indicators as a trigger,the overall situation is more important. Even though your analysis is logical correct- i am just waiting for a kind of “bang” to open position-if there comes an “Iranian bang” after someone went long USD at 108.09 according to your analysis, he will get problems.

Better to wait till the whole situation calms down or enter right after a “bang”.

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us.

It seems that situation was resolved in quite positive way (in case that’s okey to say sth like that talkind about war). I think that no Iran, no the US want to further excalation, so it seems that both countries will calm down :slight_smile:

You are right-they are not stupid.
The next thing to keep eyes on is this virus.

It is very good that the government of both states was smart enough to resolve the conflict peacefully

…and if this virus keeps on pushing China economy down, oil and cad will suffer longer, untill OPEC takes action to stabilise oil price.
Actually I stuck in a small position cad/jpy short over the weekend- i am very curious concerning the opening today

Yeah, all this tensions will have an impact on economy.

Exactly- and if you do it right, its allways an easy way to lock in some bucks