Terminology in financial market

I think that exist a thing called [B]active [/B]and [B]derivative [/B]and [B]another that I don’t know the name[/B], look:

[B]Aticves - Bonds
Aticves - Forex
Aticves - Commodities
Aticves - Stocks
[/B][B]Derivatives - ETFs
Derivatives - Indixes
[B]Buy & sell
Binary Options[/B]

What is the name this group that I highlighted in green? Is this called of “financial instrument”? Note that these greens items are not priced, these are the “[B]modus operandi[/B]”!


It doesn’t have a meaningful, collective classification label, because the question you’re asking appears to be based on a category error, as is often the case with your questions. That, together with an ever-present language difficulty in providing precise and accurate answers to the extremely unusual, terminology-based questions you so regularly ask, makes it very difficult for people to provide answers helpful to you.

The last four on your green list are types of financial instrument. The first isn’t.

Buy and Sell = actions you do

CFD, Options, Futures, Binary Options = financial structures, structured products created by entities like banks you can buy and sell