Terrorism and such

@peterma posted this reply on another thread and I’m happy to discuss, but I believe it deserves its own thread :


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Well do you disagree with that ?

Today (yesterday) we’re hearing of a female “Muslim” - formery known apparently as one Michelle Ramsden who is in court charged with plotting to blow up St Pauls Cathederal - either at Xmas or Easter - is that ok ?

Yes indeed - “Racist” word is an example of the huge derangement which the Public Sector are terrified by - And which therefore is the root cause of the problems we are having just now and which wiill only get worse unless we call out this “Super sensitivity”

I think in this context - the “Male” aspect is liable to be statistically correct - BUT it has been detatched in your reasoning from the word “Muslim” which you quoted 3 oaragraphs back) - which I believe it should NOT be. And which I note you came back to a few lines later :sunglasses:


do you mean “recognise the probable racial (Country of origin) origin” - or do you take him to have meant something else ?

Here’s an interesting view of “Racism” which just popped up from our Antipodean brethren - I’m somewhat encouraged that those of a western bent are now beginning to understand the mechanisms by which we are being attacked :sunglasses:

And to REJECT them !

Speaking of teh Irish terrorists - about 1970 (iie 50 years ago) my good mate from Uni was an already qualified Barrister from Dublin - who came over here to my particular college to study “Land Law” and particularly the 1929 Law of Property Act - He brought over his shotgun and kept it in a slip in his room. Mine was just standing in the corner of My room with the cartridges in my desk drawer. Nobody had an isuue with that and we used to shoot together - but that was still well within the IRA times and he had no problem whatever bringing his gun into Engand - but had a lot more troube taking it back home.


Apparently by the time it got to Nick Ferrari today - the “Muslim” part has dropped out - so whether yur riginal qquote was correct or misremembered - here’s a 3 minute conversation with one of those “racist accusors”

It was correct - it is what he said. - not sure whether it was for publicity or whether he sees this as a simple way of minimizing the security tailbacks at airports.

‘Racial’ profiling at airports back in the day was common, we just got used to it. Funny enough we often noticed that using Dublin instead of Belfast was much better, never was sure why.

As computers and records became faster it became easier - my guess is that they had some sort of list of baddies which I suppose was also an attempt to keep people/traffic flowing - and come to think of it likely would not be allowed nowadays :slight_smile:

Edit: I remember a useless piece of information back from the ‘troubles’ - when you mention guns - NI had the highest number of legally held guns than any region of the UK - for such a small population.

Here is a 15 minute dissertation by Dr David Starkey - one of the finest Historians and thikers of our time in which he discusses terrorism among other things and this little piece could be equally at home in several of teh other recent threads - such as “Why are good people forced to lie about big things” and also “Madness of Crowds” - However his logic is immaculare and specifically refers to Terrorism in the context which we find so difficult to converse about nowadays.

Certainly food for thought for anyone in Europe and also in USA methinks.

Note ;- watch right to the end !