Hi everybody!

I have a question I wanted some opinions on.

I’m planning to open a Mini account with $250 with Forex.com and I wanted to hear from some one who actually has a mini account and Is making money with it.

Hii Hello , well i can assure, that you can take profit with this money, I opened recently one account in xforex.com with only $100, and in a 5 days got a profit of $400, but after that i made some stupid things, because iam new, and i lost all my profit, jejeje, but my initial $100 was save, last week I begun slowly just playing small quantity, and looking when the pair go down…down… bueno si estas en peru debes saber espanol, realmente me cuesta un poco de trabajo escribir… yo no uso ninguna tecnica, ni fibonaci, ni esos analisis, que supongo si supiera usarlos me iria mejor, pero poco a poco, no tengo mucho tiempo, si te aconsejo que si comienzas con poco, juegues pequenas cantidades, con el apalancamiento te da la posibilidad de jugar 2.500 o 5000, eso equivale a 0.25centavos, .50centavos por pips.
Bueno espero tengas suerte.

Thanks for sharing with us I think that this will give some newbies including me more confidence to tame this forex beast.

“Gracias… Totales”

Hi, there… 1st of all have u tried to demo that amount? Coz u must care the margin n the lots sizes u use. its very important money management. Me too start with that amount, but i used to demo with 1k, so it is much diffrent when come to margin n lots sizes. what i do is always start open trade with 0.01 lots sizes. If market go against, u can react and make decission, etc… But the possibilities of making money is there. with that amount i will open trade when i see potential trend going so i dont risk much. GOOD LUCK to you, and happy trading.

A miilion steps start with the 1st step.
No doubt it goes along with emotion;);):wink: