Thank You All

Hi i am a newbie trader and just want to say THANK YOU !!! to all the members on this site.

Over the last few months from reading your school details and reading god only knows how many forum entries i have developed a strategy and keep amending and improving on it as well as my sucess rate which is increasing! Im no where near using a live account yet as i need to properly test this strategy but i know i am on the right path and getting closer to trading live someday.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your amazing website and forums. I would never have got where i have now if not for you all.

I will be a newbie for a long time and i know there are alot of veterans here and i have to say thank you. I come from an IT technical background so from all your advice and guidance i am finally fitting into a strategy that works for me.

But thank you for all you guys who reply to us newbies !! Someday i hope i can be skilled enough to return the favour and help a newbie, but that wont be for a long time lol !!