Thank you for this site! You did a great job


the reason for this post is to say [B]thank you [/B]to the creators of this site, the daily updaters, people who work hard for this site and to everyone else for sharing with, living with and creating this great community.

Thank you, for having such a great site. If I had to choose one thing, that I value the most here, it would be[B] integrity[/B]. With so many scams and people trying to leech off of you, this site is a ray of light. A neutral, trustworthy site, by traders for traders.

Thank you for making Forex easy to understand, for helping with the babysteps, as well as with graduation. Thank you for teaching me and giving me something to hold on during the first losses of trading :wink: Thank you, for giving me a way into this great new hobby and this exciting world that is Forex. Without you, it would not have happened.

Thank you!

Yep, I feel the same way about those who created this educational site! So helpful and very easy to understand. I’ve really learned a lot from the School of Pipsology and I continue to learn from the blogs also. How is your trading so far?

Hey man! Thanks for the really kind feedback. Our goal is to make forex trading easy to understand and to help newbies avoid getting scammed after all. I’m glad you found your way here and I hope you do stick around.