Thanks alot baby pips for such a school ... "loving you all"

[B]Hey all.
i just want to say thank you to babypips, and thanks to anybody that participate in building such a huge Forex forum, and such a school, that i really learned alot through it …, thank you all …, i will be always Grateful to you admins…,

my name is youssef …, i am 24 years old…, Egyptian, Arabic, Muslim guy…, i am a new member …, and i wish i could actively participate in such a beautiful forum - the best-

i have finished baby pips school and i am now preparing to start my trip on demo, of course with my little journal as you always teaches me :wink:

i have participated in the Forex market once before since 3-4 years ago…, and i have lost 1000$ …, and i gave up at once, moreover damned such a volatile market ( i have had no experience at all )…

now …, and thanks again to baby pips school …, i think i will participate once again …, but for sure after some steps and levels of performance …, education and participating on demo accounts…

i have finished baby pips school twice …, and began on demo account since 4-5 months ago…, i began to make some pips monthly …, and now and after i have finished the school for the second time …, it is the time to open a fresh new demo account ( last account) …, that i will try to do my best to be professional as much as i could on that final account …, then to live account …, ( next year may be )… through FXCM !!!
Btw …, what is your opinion on that Broker (FXCM)!!!.. alot of negative feed-backs could be noticed on it ???

Finally …, thanks again and again and again for that best school on the internet …, it really helped me alot …,
best regards ;))))[/B]