Thanks and Hello!

Hello All,
As a total novice searching for info on Forex, I’m counting myself lucky to have found your site. The fact that you are so bloody cautious is refreshing and now that I’ve been through school twice I realise that there’s a HUGE amount for me to learn. The “school” is fantastic, thanks to all involved.
I just want to say “hi” too, in anticipation that I will almost certainly have some dumb questions to put to you at some stage.

Just keep reading and asking questions and welcome from Alabama USA


Welcome to Babypips!
Feel free to ask, there is no dumb question at all.


Thanks for the welcome, guys. I’m just starting to learn how to read those charts and make sense of them in the context of the school.
At the moment I feel like it’s so complicated that I’m a bit lost but I will persevere. Is this what they call a steep learning curve?

It’s indeed so complicated, but it’s not science!
It’s complicated, because you need to read, and repeat reading.

Read through the whole school more than 3 times. And try to learn one new grade every time.

Read Candlesticks for example, read again. If you still sure it’s complicated, immediately post your question here.

After reading several times, you will get that it just needs Practice.

Also, I did that mistake so try to avoid doing it. Learning many concepts at a time. Candlesticks and Fibonacci, Pivots… just study one subject until you master it.

Even if you mastered candlesticks alone, you will have plenty of trading opportunities.