The £10K Gamble - [The Journey]

This pair has been in a bit of a strange range since 2013, personally I wouldn’t go near it myself, to me, a range is a range.


Although there might be people willing to risk a little for a lot, depending on how this current candle closes.


There could be a lot of upside.


Tx for your input.


Thank you brother…
Every time you personally reply me, you not only boost my psychology, you also boost my profits.
Your words are wisdom.
In other words, you spit gold.
And I can’t thank you enough.

It’s been a slow start to the new year but got bills to pay and pizza to eat.



Good start to the week!

Yesterday I was looking at the charts and I saw that the AUD/CHF is in all-time lows

I would like to know in this case if you enter and what do you consider when there are no supports below.


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Personally I don’t really enter the unknown, purely because there’s no historic support levels to look at.

Having said that, there’s big money to be made if you have the right risk appetite.


I really appreciate it.

Tecnically speaking the AUD/CHF has reached a major support level known to many.

But also technically and historically the AUD/CHF has made a few major downward spikes before returning to its current level on the monthly chart.

Considering that the global financial situation now is on a low risk aversion and the history that Uncle Sam never failed to settle their previous disputes in a horrible manner.

I strongly believe safe havens like JPY , GOLD and CHF will continue to strenghten.

Including the last morubozu candlestick on the monthy chart, I also believe banks will provide liquidity for the many traders longing at this support before ending the month and continuing the major move.

A direct short now has no good R:R and a long would be crushed by the spike.

So, my saffest bet is to place buy limit order at 0.6077 where the price has historically spiked with a relevant SL and a TP at the current price level.

If not, I would just hedge this untill I see a logical price action on the monthly time frame.

Or the saffest move is maybe just to be on the fence.

Just my 2 cent, GL.

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I MADE A LOSS :scream::scream::scream::scream:

Okay so my finger slipped this week, you can’t reach for a slice of pizza and control the mouse at the same time.

Drama aside, minor loss, made up for it pretty much straight away.

This weeks profits, £584.75.


Current months profit £878.95.

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The overall grand total profit so far, £12,990 - bearing in mind I started with just £10k.


Things changed, closed another one.

Total for the week is £882.24 - for now.


Definitely done for the week now, closed a few more.

Weeks profit stands at £1,320.71.

Grand total returns £13,725.96 - a 137.25% gain.


Nice work! that’s amazing to see :raised_hands:t6:

Hi Baller,

at the start of the year you had an unrealized loss of 8.717. Has that been solved now?
What pairs was that on and how long did it take to get back in the black?

No, its just down to £2.3K now instead of £8K.

Mainly AUDJPY, longer than it should have, 3-4 months.

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mwah that’s already trending down since jan 2018 or, with a wider scope - 2014, so that will straighten itself out.

Exactly. Not to worried, this is a patient players game. Slowly slowly pick off positions and bank the cash.


Tried something different today, I usually slag off scalpers, but I get their point, its the fun element.

Total for today, £228.29.

Grand total £13,954.25.


Baller, glad to see you are back in action. It has been a quiet period.

Would it be posdible to include the currency pairs on your screen shot?

thank you.