The £10K Gamble - [The Journey]

Just be aware anyone thinking of trading AUD i think its interest decision overnight

JPY behaves weirdly past days

Hi, The Baller,

Interesting thread you have here. I understand you trade the weekly charts. What is the stoploss distance when you make a trade on the weekly chart? Is it always hundred of pips and do you need a large capital for such wide stops.? Where do you base your stoploss on? How do you decide your extipoint? How many pairs do you trade and what is the holding time on the weekly charts? Sorry for all the questions but im trying to get a basic view of your system.

read all of his posts in this thread to have all your questions answered

So my 3 trades not looking rosy at the moment on the demo…

nzdjpy, eurcad, audjpy with jpy not behaving!

as baller said above, dradown is temporary and usually turns into profit

Yup hence I’m holding on against my instincts but shiver me timbers, not so simple as you would think…

I’ll be keeping an eye for a change in the current uptrends to take a trade…

yes man post.

Are we allowed to post links without getting a slap on the wrist here?

Great idea, good luck

I think @The_Baller strategy is more for the monthly really. The daily jumps around. My SL on the AJ, for example, is around 77.

No not really it’s a safe haven currency. Stability looks like it’s coming across the horizon with US/China and Brexit so JPY is kinda morphing down close to it’s real value. Picked up too many pips on longs with USD/JPY, AUD/JPY, & CAD/JPY. Got to look at the bigger picture.

Here’s your link to Ehlers Two Pole Super Smoother Filter for MT4:'s+two+pole#p1295114367

Apologies, that link was for the entire thread, this is the actual link :
Ehlers Two Pole Super Smoother Filter.mq4


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Cheers man. I was getting confused with IC :man_facepalming:

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I feel your pain. It’s not your fault because trading is difficult.

I’m into intraday penny stocks trading and I have huge faith that it is profitable if done the right way. Overwhelming evidence and numerous examples of successful youtube traders is available.

Not sure what you are saying here Momoisnyc? AUDJPY has dropped from 89.108 in July 2017 to 74.180 levels currently?

Sorry for my confusion.

Thanks. I loaded it onto mt4. So it’s a single line indicator and we buy or sell when it crosses the price action? Don’t know much about these things!

Yeah that was in 2017.

The recent long positions I’ve taken on AUDJPY is within the last month and a half. Generally speaking the long term view is bearish on AUDJPY.