The £10K Gamble - [The Journey]

Based on the years at the bottom, I believe its the monthly chart.

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thanks! I thought it was 1min LOL

Would you mind sharing what your average hold time is?

Keep up the great work, thanks.

Could be anything from 1 week to 6 months - but on here its been anything from 10 mins to 3 months.

Depends on the trade and how its playing out.


Done for today.

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Probably done for the week as well.

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Wanted to share something from a good friend of mine - currently stuck in the 9-5 rat race. Having to make do with Tesco frozen pizza.

Spent 6 months just learning the basics before committing £4K of hard earned cash at the start of January.


Slowly, slowly getting there. It’s not about doubling your account overnight. It’s about making real money to pay real bills.


And yes, everyone has to take some losers now and again - even then currently sitting on an 18% return.



Hell of a lot better than my first 3 months (margin call :joy: )


same here LOL

We’ve all been there. Even I remember my first margin call - just have to make sure its your last as well.


Hi @The_Baller, I have received a message from Icmarkets:


I’ve been trading for 3 months, very happy to advance on my way and although we do not watch news here, that message has left me somewhat perplexed.

I see you are experimenting with scalping these days, Does your change of method have something to do with the high volatility of the market? or are you simply testing.

you’re trading as always or do you think now there are more opportunities in lower TF?


Was this from trading this strategy? Aka you traded with the trend, monthly momentum and multiple trades went against you 500-700 pips?

Or was the margin call from trading a different way?

I can second this… This isn’t the main way that I trade but thought I would try it out due to it being so simple and not time consuming at all.
I was a bit skeptical, and still am in a way - due to the R:R being completely against what I am used to. However to date it seems to be working so far… Last weeks results below, and I know this won’t be the norm due to the current high volatility, but is helping to compound my account… Thank you…


This was a long time before this thread existed. It was mainly because I was over leveraged and on demo I’d been lucky that I got entry points well and made a lot of money, then one bad trade on real trading and I was chasing the lost money.

I suppose the system was similar to this, but I was completely inexperienced and made stupid mistakes.


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My demo progress using a slight variation of this thread’s strategy. 1mil account, Stop Loss D:ATR(336), 1000$ risk per trade


Will you trade a 1mil account when you go live?

no why my guy?

I don’t really see the advantage to running a system differently to what you would if it was your own money. The mentality of a large account is very different to a small account. Particularly when it’s not real money.

For example, with a $1k account, I’d take far bigger risks than I would with a $10k account, because blowing $1k would be annoying but blowing $10k would be a significant amount of money to me.

Trading silly money on a demo account can prove that the system works, but we know that it does already. It doesn’t prove that you can trade it successfully with real money and the stresses of looking at your money going down.

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Absolutely! proves the system only. A winning demo account can be a fool’s paradise