The Babypips School of Pipsology Graduands & Certificate

I got through with my School of Pipsology just yesterday and as promised, am here to update you on the new graduate in town.
To be frank, i have always struggled with getting physical degree but never relented and am a great believer of self-education; it all started when i was finding a way of making money for myself, i’ve gone through many processes from gambling to blogging, writing & digital designs, but in all this processes, forex trading is one i can say i very much adopted and looking to become a full-time trader soon.

Since joining the forum while learning, i have met other traders whose contributions in the community i can’t but emphasize:
@ria_rose @ponponwei @tommor @steve369 @Pauley1 @ProfesorPips

And because Babypips never had a certificate for graduands, i made one for myself and looking forward to help other graduates who will be interested in one to make theirs.
PS: I’m getting this certificate printed in hardcopy and framed on the wall of my room. Will get you guys updated when that’s done.

Your take on the certificate?


That’s awesome, and thank you for the name drop!

I do think Babypips should perhaps create an official certificate for its graduates. Other places do, for example I have a certificate for completing the e-Toro trading course.

Sure. I’ll have to mention some of the administrators i know here maybe they can take it into consideration, @Penelopip @Pipstradamus.
PS: I’m having the unsigned copy in PDF format if any of Babypips administrators won’t mind getting it signed for me? Not satisfied with my signature over there.

I love this! Congratulations @ayodimej1! I’m so happy you made a certificate for yourself and look you now even have the graduate sticker on your profile! :clap:

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Nice! Congratulations on completing the School of Pipsology! Great idea to have your certificate printed and framed! It will serve as a source of motivation and inspiration. :+1: