The Biggest Trading Misconception According to This 17-Year Forex Trader

You’re 100% on this one. This is totally the reason I can’t abandon it because sometimes I get lucky! Thanks for this breakthrough! :sweat_smile:

Hehe! The story is that it’s normally when I take profit on half position that I push SL to break even on the other half. Up until last April occasional good runs made average expectancy on my second half way better than on the first. Then market volatility changed (Covid etc) and the second half started to retrace to break even far too often while the take profit half pretty much stayed healthy, but profitability on the whole position got seriously diminished.

It sounds like you’re tracking it though which already makes you 100% better than most! :ok_hand: Also, at least you can attribute it to something instead of just you acting random/emotional! :slight_smile:

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Super helpful information! Is there any advice for a new reader trying to learn how to read candles? Do you most readers know how to read them?

Great post! An inspiration to the rest of us newbie traders. Good to know that perseverance eventually pays off.

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Stick with any strategy that works for you. This is because, what work for Mr A might not work for Mr B and vice versa. Hope it helps.

In my mind, the right balance to be found in trading is to have a strategy that adapts to generate fast small profits or slow large profits or something in between.

. Thanks for this detail