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Hi All,
Yesterday I asked a question but didn’t get a reply, so as a newbie to Forex Trading my number one task is finding a suitable broker to do trades. Therefore, please tell me
[li]What is the broker you are using now?
[/li][li]Why did you select that broker?
[/li][li]What is your experience with that broker?
[/li][li]What is your leverage?

Please be kind enough to answer me. Your answer is very important to me.



Do you know how often that is asked here? There are hundreds of threads in this order. Don’t get me wrong, I love to help people out but to be honest your question seems like you haven’t used our search function and you want us to provide you that information on a golden platter.

I am sure you didn’t mean that, but you post seemed like you are also wondering why you didn’t get replies.

Also, the questions you ask are:

  • commercially personal;
  • take time to answer;
  • may be challenged by other posters.

I am using Profiforex. It suits my need for Scalping, low spread and slippage free platform. And the usual 500:1 leverage, which I change any time

Have you made withdrawals already? You only started trading last week! If you haven’t made any withdrawals yet, then you shouldn’t really be making posts like this. Personally I wouldn’t recommend using a broker who is regulated in the Caribbean unless I lived there

“Hi I am new here as well as in forex trading. I want to learn about forex here in this good forum.I hope i will enjoy my stay here.”

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