The Cowabunga System

Hi Bob,

I am on the West Coast.

I cant seem to find a link to download this free system.

Jafx and FxChoice have been checked in the EA and Signals section but nothing shows on a search.

Please, could you provide a link to the download.


HI, where is the system.

New into Forex, went through much of the Babypips lessons and was stuck on how to implement the well found wealth of Knowledge at Babypips, now I have a strategy to follow, Thanks so much for Cowabunga System and keep on with the daily updates.

@BigPippin Hi there, dunno if you remember me from a few years ago I was following your blog and posted a few times when demo’ing. Thanks for your continued quality posts, you always manage to keep things fun :slight_smile:

I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind:

  1. Are you doing the Cowabunga system or PipSurfer? Or are they the same “Person?” Because although you answer all the questions on the form, Pip Surfer’s name is doing the regular posts.
  2. I’ve commented a few times on those posts, but never get a reply. I want to know specifically why some entries were not counted, or were counted, for example my comment here: 20180118 - just trying to understand the mechanics properly!
  3. Can you tell Pip Surfer to stop cutting off the histogram bars? He regularly “says” they were trending up or down but regularly cuts out the tops of the bars on the images.


This may be a total noob question, but you wait to take the trade until both the 4H and 15M close with the EMAs crossing? So you wouldn’t take the trade say if they cross and the 15M has 2-3 minutes left on the candle close. Correct?

Hi Bob,

Thanks for sharing your results - a really nice as well for 1 day.
Just looking in to trading systems again at the moment, I tried Cowabunga a few years ago but really struggled to remain consistent with it.

Have you got any pointers for someone picking this up - and any tips/pointers/pairs to maintain a watch on?


How do I get the Cowabunga indicator for MT4? When I click the link it says the page is private or deleted…

I have the same situation

are you also looking for the Cowabunga indicator for MT4?

I’m looking, can you help me find the indicator file?

Hi! Sorry, I wasn’t able to find the indicator file. :disappointed:

Perhaps a ray of light…

Thanks for this @mtb_rex! I’ve downloaded the file and installed it in my MT4. Looks good! :+1:

Here’s what the indicator looks like. There are arrows on possible valid entries.

Sorry if this has been discussed but a search did not show it to me. Has anyone experimented with this on the H1 with multiple other currencies? With a few tweeks and the indicator posted above can be changed to work on diff time frames and currencies.

Check out the FAQ. It says anything below 15 min will get tough.

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Please, I just read about this in the pipsology course. I want to know. Can this system be used with the daily time frame? I see that the author recommends the 4 hour and 15 minutes time frame. I want to be a swing trader and to use the daily. I don’t know if this system is adequate for me.

I can’t believe how fast your and others are. You must have experience in trading to assimilate all that info so quickly. This is such a good website. I see there are bits on YouTube

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Hi pips collegues

i have been going through the study pips school for about 1 month and finally finished grabbed alot of benifits towards forex trading but still my system is not set, i am on demo, i need alot of help from this forum