The difficulties of becoming successful in trading forex

Developing an exceptional skill is a process that will span over weeks, months, years and decades. Those who are looking for a quick solution will fail and those who accept that becoming superior to a large number of people would take a long time will succeed. Individuals from all interests and professions share the same thing in common. They are in…

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The Difficulties of Becoming Successful in Forex

I can honestly say, without doubt, that it is possible to create wealth on a reasonably short amount of time, there is no great skill in that. Perhaps a secret or two, but nothing any newbie couldn’t figure out if it weren’t for traders who try to mystify them with smoke and mirrors. The secret is money management and, once that is figured out… its just a matter of time.

There is no magic solution though. One only need to be given the tools and learn to use them. If one cannot read a chart, then one should not trade. Its that simple.

But, you will go on to disagree and we will be lost forever as our friendship would not grow further from this as you would have thought this as an insult, to disagree with such an intellect as yours. Well, I say that if you are right, show me. If you can’t show me, don’t say it. But, I would much prefer that we agree to disagree and maintain an open communication as I love having people who argue a point. How else will we all learn?

Good Pippin,


I find that interesting, chibspips. Because to argue with you I would have to respond to something you had written, and disagree with you, but I see the opposite happening! But you get a break too. I contradict even myself sometimes, so how would one approach arguing with me? Yet I myself dpn’t start arguments.

My articles are designed to give insights to people who have little experience with trading forex, as well as to be an enjoyable read, and I think they succeed at accomplishing that. And I see that it is difficult to see the point the entire article makes since the link to it was removed by the people who have moderator privileges at babypips forums.

There was never an article I had written that wasn’t criticized. Whether that article was about C++, writing blogs, monetizing blogs or trading forex. I found that suspicious, anything I would write about was criticized. But I continued to write and people enjoy my writing. I know this because they subscribe to my RSS feeds at surprising intervals.

Lastly, I don’t feel an obligation to [I]show[/I] anything to anyone. Like I don’t feel like you have an obligation to show anything to me. I show exactly what I want to show to the readers of my articles. It is what I enjoy doing a small percent of people learn something from my work. And that’s exactly what I want to accomplish - to give something of value to a small group of people.

I think anything can be done just put your mind to it and you can accomplish anything. Famous quote from Back to the future a movie I deeply love.

Dont think it starts easy. If you say you can or you cant chances are your ginna be right.