The EUR/USD USD/CHF Relationship (Institutional Strategy?)

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Recently, I have purchased information (Institutional Forex System, DC Bonta, yadda yadda) and the premise of this information is that professional traders/institutions trade rather consistently based on the relationship between the EUR/USD and USD/CHF pairs. Supposedly, three times monthly these pairs go in opposite directions (with release of the Employment Report, Retail Sales, and Consumer Confidence reports) and with enough volatility one can expect one of these pairs to move on the order of 40+ pips in your favor (given their strategy).

My question is does anyone have experience/evidence of this “phenomena” and have any input they’d like to share? Of course the information packet sells you on the fact that it’s been shown to be 93.3% accurate (over a particular 6-month study of a managed account) and they were typically netting about 60 pips/month on a good month.

Today was my first day on a demo account with this strategy. I shorted both EUR/USD and USD/CHF with 25 pip trailing stops (25 pip market price move) and 45 pip limits. In all the examples of course they were usually in and out of the market within 30-90 minutes (sometimes a few hours and one time a day). My EUR/USD stopped after about an hour and my USD/CHF hasn’t moved much of 10 pips in one direction or another for hours. The only evidence I can find of such a possibility is on this screen shot i took from this thread by DailyFX on May 3, 2007 where I overlayed the USD/CHF over the EUR/USD chart. Does kinda make me think: (attached, see top chart)

okay, so after leaving myself in the market for about 8 hours, my (short)USD/CHF shifted only shifted one pip up. had i leveraged my $10k demo account, i would have lost $1341 for the day. i can see why it’s important to really demo an account for a good amount of time before investing any really money. also what was strange is that i thought i set my leverage to 100:1 (FX SOL platform btw) but it still only showed 1:1 values(?) anywho, i’ll keep on studying this system on the market and see how it works out. maybe next time i’ll go long.

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