The forex method explanation needed

Hello babypip members,

I am going to create a guide for all forex newbies.It will have no cost at all.I need some help of you guys to help me with some fundamental points.

I don’t know any fundamental point frankly! You can help me with that.

and also,I have two more included in that. “The problems faced by the traders during trading.” and
“The best strategies.”

The problems faced by the traders are:
1)the trend
2)where to enter
3)where to exit
4)where to place SL and TP
You can Continue the list

“The best strategies”

1)Breakout strategy.
Please continue the list

This guide will be put up in the website forexmarketleader . com for no cost!

So, Forex Traders you can help me to finish this project.Additionally,You can tell me if you find anything that is not good or spammy for a reader.

Thanks In Advance :smiley:

BabyPips had everything us forex newbies need.

Money management

You should really have a detailed section just on discipline and the psychological aspects of trading. When you are first starting out it is a good idea to instil good habits and how to keep emotions in check. In the long run this will help develop sustainable traders.

i think you have everything which is needed for the forex newbies. There are many reasons why a trader is not making profits. The best solution is to find the right coach to help you identify the problem and guide you to rectify it.

I respect your idea to start a thread to create a forex guide. In my opinion we cannot categorize best strategies according to traders. Because one strategy may work for someone but not for everyone. There are so many good strategies like Price action based strategies, Supply & Demand trading strategies, Ichimoku strategies, Fibonacci strategies, etc. All these things are proven methods. But hardly traders getting full use of those strategies.

Thanks for that good idea I would love more