The Four Fed chairs, current and past, talked shop tonight: here is what was said

Hello traders!

When Yellen, Bernanke, Volcker and Greenspan met tonight, a few people

would have been listening, curious to hear how the four would agree (or not)

on certain issues surrounding Fed policy…

Luckily, if you missed it, here is an almost minute-by-minute account of what was said:

Live blog and video of Yellen with past Fed chiefs Bernanke, Greenspan and Volcker - Capitol Report - MarketWatch

Nothing particularly new, but then, again, one or two interesting points.

thanks for sharing this! i aswell was wondering what the outcome od todays yellen bla bla was

its a good read, just read it 20 minutes before you posted it.

they did do support yellen (as expected) and yellen hinted again in a moment that the interest rate rise is to be taken carefully (slowly) from her point of view. so from that sentence i am guessing that the traders will take the “coffee meeting of 4” as positive and as the dow was closed at the time of their talk we will know by tomorrow openings how the masses took the talk.

Maybe they are are like this group of Marvel superheroes…


hehe good one:eek::smiley:

seems the fantastic four did their job of “talking the markets into unreasonable ralies every now and then” good yesterday. as i thought they are going up without any good reason :smiley:

as usuall, talks and air making analysises useless. thats why i simply skip all indexes whenever i see some FED/ECB announcement or talk of the chairbosses.