The influence of web 2.0 on trading

Most of you are probably familiar with what web 2.0 is. It is a grouping definition for all technologies and their applications enabling highly interactive websites. An example is this forum.

When observing web 2.0 information sources like babypips and its forum, one can argue that these kind of web sources, could have an impact on the traders phillosophy/style. Opposed to back in the days, where traders educated themselves through studies and masterclasses, now a days, some traders base all their decisions on the internet.

At the moment I am working on a thesis for my university graduation, where I study the effect of web 2.0 on traders and their trade style.

For this study I am looking for traders who are willing to take 5 minutes and complete my survey on the link below:

When the thesis is completed, the results will be contributed to this webforum, providing hopefully interesting information to whoever is interested :).

Please remember, this request is purely educational, all results will be anonimized and shared with the community.