The Inner Musings of InnerCircleTrader

Id just like to say Thank you! You story is great, and I really do appreciate the videos you post and all the help you’ve provided to new traders.

Could you direct me to where I can view your videos please.

You can find the thread and videos on the Babypips Forums.

Click Forum tab
Click Newbie Island
Search for the thread titled “What Every New and Or Aspiring Forex Trader… Still Wants To Know”.

Look forward to seeing your involvement.

GLGT :57:

Many thanks. I’m only starting so I have a long way to go.

Michael - thanks for the great insight and all your useful contributions on this forum. It’s nice to hear you have balanced family life and trading. Quick question - do you keep in physical shape (ie exercise) to help optimise your trading?

Yes I am a non-smoker, non-drinker, Martial Artist and currently beginning Yoga… It’s part of the balance of a healthy fullfilling life as I believe God intended us to be. I do drink too much Mc Donald’s Sweet Tea though… but hey we all have our vices.


Michael, in this interview you posted a pic of Larry Williams, but there’s no label on the pic.
So I walked around for a few weeks thinking that was you in the pic, until I googled Larry Williams and thought, hey, isn’t
that Michael ?

(its funnier in my head)

LOL that’s funny!

Here I will tweet a ICT mug shot…

ICT you are an undoubted legend.

I remember when you first arrived on Babypips and were chased off by a few lunatics!

Thankfully you returned, as your selfless contribution to the site is immeasurable.

Jah bless! :slight_smile:

I love to read the stories of how someone went from nothing to riches… I think its the path people took to get from where they were to where they stand today that hooks me the most…

Really enjoyed your post and i look forward to studying all the material you’ve put on babypips. Waiting till i have my next University assignment out the way so i can really give it some attention…

Really admire all the work you put into your teaching, you can tell you have a keen passion for it, and are obviously a very good teacher by the looks of your thread…

I think saying thank you for your resources may not seem enough, I’m sure you’ll help me and thousands of others in ways you’ll never be able to imagine…


:8: I am a long way from a Legend… just call me your friendly neighborhood Forex Mentor…

Thank you just the same… :57:

This is what impresses me most…if you will continue to drive your kids to school…instead of paying someone else to do it…(unless it’s me…)


Truly remarkable. My respect and admiration for you ‘just went long’ :wink: :slight_smile: You can afford to have somebody else do all the regular chores you do at home but you choose to do them yourself. That is the best thing you will be giving your family and kids.

Your teachings have given me immense confidence. It makes me believe that a stay at home parent like me will be able to earn that extra income to afford extra activities for my kids.


The picture does not show up here. How do we see it?

ICT sent a tweet with it.
If you have a twitter account you would have seen it.

Thank you for sharing with us your knowledge freely. Looking forward to learning more from you this year.

waow is all I can say to this article…ICT God bless you and fulfill ur innermost heart desires…It great to know that u successfully combined family and this business…I look forward to being like u someday and I will look out for ur videos soonest…u truly inspire me and keep up the good work

Just hope to see something more from Michael on this thread some day !
GLGT ! as you would say.

He’ll be back

Probably in a couple of weeks when he sorts a few things out