The June BoE Minutes caused a stir in the financial markets as the 5-4 vote amplified

M4 money supply growth yields upside surprise as investors? weight impact on aggregate demand.

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[/U][/B]- [B]U.K. CBI June Industrial Trends Survey[/B]
Consensus: 6
Previous: 5
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  • [B]BOE Minutes[/B]
    Consensus: 7 (no hike) vs. 2 (hike)
    Actual: 5 (no hike) vs. 4 (hike)

  • [B]Public Finances
    [/B]Actual: 6.2B
    Consensus: 7.0B

  • [B]M4 money supply growth[/B] (YoY)
    Actual: 13.8%
    Consensus: 13.4%

  • [B]M4 money supply growth[/B] (MoM)
    Actual: 1.2%
    Consensus: 1.0%

  • [B]Public Sector Net Borrowing[/B]
    Actual: 7.3B
    Previous: 8.2B

  • [B]BBA Net Mortgage Lending[/B]
    Actual: 4.8B
    Previous: 5.0B
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    DailyFX Weekly Calendar for Week 6/17/2007 - 6/22/2007