The King of Tennis

Did you guys watch the Wimbledon Men’s Final today? Federer finally squeaked by Rod**** 16-14 in the 5th set.
Altogether, the match involved 77 games.

If tennis is your thing, here’s an article: Federer beats Rod**** for record 15th Grand Slam - FOX Sports on MSN


p.s. - don’t you love how the BP Forum server automatically deletes obscene language, like John Han****, and Andy Rod****?

Yes, I do love the censoring :smiley:

Sometimes I wonder if this swiss guy is human. Definitely a candidate as athlete of the year. It’s unusual in todays world to be so superior compared to the rest of the competition. And it’s even more unusual for it to last as long as it has in Federer’s case.

That was the sickest match ever. Had Federer been playing Nadal, under the same circumstances, Nadal would have prevailed by the sheer fact that he’s more athletic and has more endurance than Federer, even if Federer is the best grass courter in the world.

I don’t think it was sick, at all. The one thing that made the match fascinating was the one thing nobody — not even Roger — expected: Andy not only brought his “A” game, he brought his “A+” game. Roger had never before faced that level of play, and that level of determination, from Andy. And he spent a good part of the match trying to figure out what to do with this guy.

Andy came into the match believing he could win. Roger realized early on that Andy actually believed he could, and would, win; and Roger was a bit stunned by that sort of “Nadal audacity” coming from Andy.

Andy played the best match I have ever seen him play. After four hours, he had fought the Great Federer to a draw — at which point the outcome was essentially a coin-flip.


p.s. - not to get too [B]prickly[/B] about it, but it’s annoying to have to refer to Rod**** by his first name, because the auto-censor doesn’t like the word ****. We should ask **** Tracy, **** Clark, **** Van Dyke, and **** Cheney why their parents gave them such obscene names.

Federer got lucky with this win. He knows it. You could tell by his body language. Then again, Rodd1ck choked on the second set. He should’ve closed that out. Luckily, he’s married to a swimsuit model.

Hey Clint, don’t forget about Charles ****ens. :smiley:

The King is dead. Long live the King.

Actually, he’s not dead. He’s just been demoted. To Crown Prince. Or maybe Duke of Wimbledon.

This loss will be good for his character. He was starting to think he was God’s gift to tennis.

Congratulations to Argentina’s Juan Martin del Potro. That boy’s got game!

What a weird U.S. Open. At the end, the weather suffered a melt-down, and some of the players suffered melt-downs, as well.

Like Serena Williams. Her trailer-trash act in the women’s semi-final should get her banned from tennis for a year.

Watching her behavior made me embarrassed to be a tennis fan, and embarrassed to be an American.

Serena should retire from tennis. Then she should marry Kanye West — those two deserve each other.

[B]Two years later…[/B]

…and some things have changed, but some things have not.

Roger Federer is still trying to reclaim his position as King of the Mountain in men’s tennis. But, every time he gets near the top, guys like Nadal and Djokovic knock him back down. I’ve been a fan of Federer’s almost since the Millenium. I would love to see him win another major, or two; and win that Olympic gold medal that he craves. But now, at 30 years of age, he’s in a race against time.

Then there’s the national embarrassment known as Serena Williams. I’ve never forgotten her unsportsmanlike conduct at the 2009 U.S. Open semi-finals. At that time, every tennis fan in the world said that her profanity-laced, threatening rant against a line judge in that match was inexcusable; but, for two years she has refused even to acknowledge that she was out of line.

Nevertheless, today I sat down to watch the U.S. Open Women’s Singles Final (Williams vs Stosur), ready to forget about Serena’s past bad behavior, and ready to cheer for the American to beat the Aussie — even though Serena was taking on one of my favorite female players.

Apparently, the 2009 incident was not a lapse, or a fluke. Back then, apparently, what the whole world saw was the [I]real[/I] Serena Williams. And, unfortunately, the whole world saw the [I]real[/I] Serena Williams again, today. Different year, different opponent, different officials — same Grand Slam tournament, same low-class behavior on the part of Serena Williams. What a lousy representative of America she is. I’m embarrassed to admit that she is an American.

Samantha Stosur, on the other hand, demonstrated grace under pressure. With the raucous New York crowd [I]against her[/I] for most of the match, she conducted herself with total professionalism and perfect sportsmanship.

She came to the biggest match of her career, not to play defense, but to kick Serena’s ass. And she did it, convincingly, in straight sets. She is a credit to professional tennis, and a credit to Australia.

Congratulations to Samantha Stosur from one of your biggest American fans!

This started out as a “Roger Federer” thread.

But, it has morphed into an “all things tennis” thread. And that’s a good thing, in my opinion.

So, let’s talk about the good-looking women who have been “sent packing” from Wimbledon this year.

The first week of Wimbledon has been brutal for hot-looking female tennis players. Of the 25 hottest women at Wimbledon this year (according to one website), [I]21 of them[/I] have already been eliminated, including the top 8 women on the list. And the Wimbledon fortnight is barely half over.

If it were up to me, I would arrange the list a little differently, and maybe you would, as well. But, I think most of the women on it deserve to be there.

One of my favorite female players (based on play, not looks) is Maria Sharapova. Not that there’s anything wrong with her looks! And, based solely on her looks, she’s #1 on the website’s list of 25. But, her 2013 Wimbledon ended rather unceremoniously, and suddenly she was gone.

Of the 25 [I]pictures[/I] included on the website, the cutest picture (IMO) is the one of Arantxa Rus (#6), who’s gone, as well.

I like Anastasia Pavyluchenkova (#10), mainly because [I]I like to pronounce her name[/I] — but, she’s gone, too.

So, based on sex-appeal only, we’re down to these 4: Agnieszka Radwanska from Poland, Sloane Stephens from the U.S., Monica Puig from Puerto Rico and Sabine Lisicki from Germany.

For any one of the 4 who makes it all the way to the Wimbledon Final, the Great Ape of Women’s Tennis awaits.

Well that musty be one really raunchy website because it’s not allowed at work.
So is Ana Ivanovic on that list? She was much better before she lost weight.

Wimbledon is not the same without Federer and Nadal, but it leaves the door wide open for Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic. Well, it leaves the door wide open for Djokovic. He’s incredible, only an ankle injury can stop him from taking this title.

By the way I was lucky to watch the big 4 live in Melbourne last year in their quarter final clashes.
Fed beat Del Potro, Nadal beat Berdych, Murray beat Nishi Kori and Djokovic beat Ferrer.
Now that was entertainment, but the player that stood out (and took the trophy I think) was Djokovic. Nobody hits the ball so hard, or moves better. He deserves his number one spot for sure. (This is coming form a die hard Rafa fan.)

Well, I can’t speak for the whole website, but the page I linked to definitely isn’t raunchy. Maybe a tad risqué.

Ana is #3 on their list. I guess you would place her at #1, and I really can’t quarrel with that opinion. She’s a beautiful girl. The main photo of Ana featured in the list is the most demure photo out of the 25 — nothing at all risqué about it. But, one of the photos in their “gallery” of Ana pictures is worth searching out.

As for the men, I agree with you. Without Federer and Nadal, it doesn’t seem like Wimbledon.

Murray has probably had the road to the men’s final cleared for him — and then he’ll meet Djokovic, and Murray will have to settle for the [I]little[/I] trophy.