The Madness of Crowds?

I hate crowds…

ps. nice advert

I went and watched quite a few of his little clips - not sure I found the series you refer to tho many of tehm were indeed regarding students of “Huge” intellect :wink:

Can you pop a link in to one for me please ?

However I have some uneasiness about so-called Universities and their students - wonder if we should have a thread on it ?

Wow - 16 straight 5 star reviews - Never seen that before ! (But I do like Tucker Carlson and watch a lot of his stuff on Fox)

Perhaps we can come back to that if we do that “University” thread ?
My Grandad was a dyed in the wool Labour voter - had Kier Hardy’s book “From Serfdom to Socialism” - Used sing his version of the red flag quite tunefully addressing the hypocrisy of the underdog ;

"The working class can kiss my A##
I’ve Got the forman’s job at last"

Also had a copy of the Koran and was very knowledgeable on Dickens and Shakespeare, Geography, History etc - but no formal “Education” as such

Reminds me of a joke from the 60’s or early 70’s (Fred Wedlock I think)

"How do you rate Dickens then ?
Don’t know I’ve never been to one ! "

Well Murray’s new book cannot be considered as a right wing diatribe ! - Well only if you’re so “Woke” you’ll never sleep again :wink:

I’d like to put up a point or two from each chapter - to give a “taste” of it - but I know I can’t even give a flavour of the depth of rational thought and logical deduction he brings to the subjects

Anyhow lets give it a go ;

He looks at Gay, Race, Feminism and Trans and at east for the first three he compares them mto addressing genuine issues which needed addressing and that for a long while, progress was made - like a train making a journey - then just as they were slowing down and pulling into the destination station, it was as though something went wrong with the controls and they accellerated madly through the station and down the track until they flew off the rails and crashed into the crowd creating all sorts of destruction.

I guess he does Gay first as it is his only claim to the virtue of victimhood and e treats it in a totally thorough, impartial and unbiased way as far as I can tell.

He says of LGBTQxxxxxx That it is Not really an identity group at all - because L’s and G’s have little in common and don’t really communicate or frequent the same spaces, but they both are suspicious of the B’s - All three of them are deeply distrustful of the T’s and the Q’s are really a fringe and difficult to define although he has a creditable stab at it ! I don’t remember whether he looks at any of the “Other Letters” which sem to get added every day or not.

He also says that many heterosexual men are “nervous” of Homosexual men and seem to regard them as “the men who know too much” !

It really IS a great read and just the starting point in a journey which every single person really needs to take in the current Ideological turmoil we are going through!

Sorry @Falstaff they must have taken down the one I saw. I looked but couldn’t find. I notice that youtube does that. Even when I am watching youtube conservative media shows a day after they have been posted they are edited and bad things about the Socialist Left is cut out.

So many lies these days and so many attempts to re-write history.






RACE Chapter

1963 - Martin Luther King most famus speech ;

"…“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”…"

Now apparently that we have achieved a situation close to that in the UK and USA we are being told that Character is nothing and your identity as identified by the colour of your skin is everything ! “People of colour” are exactly equal but in some strange way “Better” and that we white people have to start paying retribution for all the “Badness” we have inflicted on them over the centuries. Even though neither we nr "they were evn alive at the time and so we cannot be “Guilty” unless we accept the biblical proposition that “the sins of the father shal be visited on the sons” (Pardon me if my quote is inaccurate) The underlying agenda of division and hatred fostering by those who profess to champion the “Race” cause is visible in this agenda.

It was visible in this 30 second clip from question time - but it is clearly impossible to be racist against whites - especially if they happen to be male.

Which he discusses with JHB very briefly Here;

The Chapter is extensive and examines in detail as do all his others - He identifies that if the persecution continues - then the kickback will happen and can easily go in directions which no reasonable person would want them to and which cannot have positive outcomes. These directions you will have to buy the book to find out !

Perhaps this is what the SJWs actually want ?

I found her !

Titania McGrath - live ;

What a truly excellent book this is - revelations on every page ;

Madness of Marxist postmodernism and feminism et al

Quote from Page 60 “Madness of Crowds” – Douglas Murray
“ Another curiosity about the intersectional movement is the camouflage it employs. For
aside from McIntosh’s most popular document, the one thing that all the purveyors of the
ideologies of social justice and intersectionality have in common is that their work is
unreadable. Their writing has the deliberately obstructive style ordinarily employed when
someone either has nothing to say or needs to conceal the fact that what they are saying is
not true. Here is one sentence from Judith Butler in full flow _[Judith Butler is one of the _
“gurus” of feminist theory ! Note the comment within these brackets is mine - F]

_The move from a structuralist account in which capital is understood to _
_structure social relations in relatively homologous ways to a view of hegemony in which power relations are subject to repetition, convergence, and rearticulation brought the_question of temporarlity into the thinking of structure, and marked a shift from a form of_Althusserian theory that takes structural tonalities as theoretical objects to one to one in which the insights into the contingent possibility of structure inaugurate a renewed conception of hegemony as bound up with the contingent sites and strategies of the **rearticulation of power… “

Prose this bad can only occur when the author is trying to hide something. “

End Quote

Quote from Page 61 “Madness of Crowds” – Douglas Murray
“ Still the purveyors of social justice theories have done a job, in providing a library of works
which (however unreadable) present an intellectual framework on top of which political
provisions can be adopted and political claims can be made. Anyone who finds it useful to
argue that gender or race are social constructs can cite endless tenured academics who can
‘prove’ it. A god is made of X, who is then the subject of a study by Y, and before long Z
comes along to write on the rearticulation of temporality demonstrated by any Althusserian
comparison of their work.
Any student wondering whether the world really works like this
can be instantly presented with an intimidating library of intimidating evidence that the
gobbledygook he is failing to comprehend is his fault and not the fault of the writer of the gobbledygook. [My Bold] ……………

…………[Some text omitted ]

………One of the most beautiful things to happen in recent years was “The Conceptual Penis

as a Social Construct”. This was an academic paper published in 2017 which proposed that ;

  _**“………..The penis vis-à-vis maleness is an incoherent construct. We argue that the **_

conceptual penis is better understood not as an anatomical organ but as a gender-
performative, highly fluid social construct……”

The claim was peer-reviewed and published in an academic journal called Cogent Social
Sciences. The only problem was that it was a hoax carried out by two academics – Peter
Boghossian and James Lindsay who had immersed themselves in the academic literature of our time. ….”

End quote

Murray then goes on to demonstrate that with the correct type of language structure –
basically any old rubbish can and has been successfully “Peer-reviewed” and published
many times – basically because there is no way of knowing what is the “rubbish” submitted
by the hoaxers and what is the gobbledygook submitted as supposedly serious articles.

This in turn leads us to conclude that even these supposed “academics” whilst castigating
the “student” for his fault in “not understanding”, simultaneously have no understanding
themselves !

One can only speculate that the real reason for “their” ever more ridiculous assertions can
only be that they are motivated by;
And/or “fame”

NOTE _ apologies for the state of the post - I did th original in Word then copied and pasted - but it disappeared off the edge of the page - so I opened it with notepad and tried again - This is the result.

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Could not agree more.

I’ve read this book and believe it should be compulsory reading for high school students.



Today being St Georges Day and Douglas Murray’s comparison of the SJWs being like "St George in Retirement" Where St George having slain the Dragon to great acclaim went forth seeking ever smaller dragons until at last he could be seen swinging his sword enthusiastically at Thin Air ! - Does that sound like Feminism nowadays ?

I thought some might like to hear his Interview by Bret Weinstein (of Evergreen College Disgrace - fame ) - A lefty talking to a Righty - without the slightest animosity :sunglasses:

[Edit - sorry - forgot the link ;

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This book is really great. A brilliant thinking combination you will get in this book. Good writer.

I’ve seen this and it is great. A book that is also a great read is “Ship Of Fools” by Tucker Carlson.

A very easy read and it is one of those books you cannot put down. Tucker carlson is a political commentator with “Fox News” in the USA.



I’m thinking I might buy that one - could do with a little reading matter - thigs being as they are :rofl:

Here’s a quick question from an Interviewer - and Murray’s magnificent response you might find amusing :smile:

Haven’t you read “The Madness of Crowds”?? It’s a good read.

I loved the answer he gave regarding that idiot woman who claimed to be an associate of Oxford University saying she did not want Oxford University to discover a cure for COVID 19 because Boris Johnson was assciated with Oxford. How stupid!!!.

But that is the norm for the leftists in society who continue to be so outrageously stupid in their thinking and their demands.

I think the biggest issue is the fact that these fools believe that re-writing history will make everything better.

That kind of thinking is call being DELUSIONAL!!

Also it was sad to hear that Jordan Peterson is not well. I hope he returns to good health soon. Society needs him.



I loved it where he says “You have to be educated into that kind of stupidity…” and the comments following…

Yes mate I have - I think it’s probably the best there is on the confusion and delusional thinking we are going through at the moment - Puts all the sectional “Victimhoods” into perspective and enables the reader to understand the fraud and denials of obvious truths in a way which is so beautifully crafted and concisely argued that the book in itself is a work of art !

(it was the book by Tucker Carlson “Ship of fools” that I haven’t read yet )

Sorry about that.

Ship of fools is a great read.



Murray discusses the progress since his great book was published - and much more in his own brilliant way.

Hi @Falstaff

Great video. I believe that this gentleman is one of the best free thinkers of this generation and I am glad he speaks his mind. He obviously echoes the sentiment of a lot of those in the community who are just too scared to stand up for what they believe.

You know I may have said this previously so if I am repeating myself please forgive me.

But one of the best lessons I learnt as a child growing up was to listen. When I was a small child I had a very strict mother and grandmother that believed children should be see but not heard. So whenever I was downtown shopping with my mother and grandmother and we stopped to speak to another adult on the street or in a shop I was never allowed to speak. So I learnt to listen and as I grew up I learnt to love listening to older people and also learnt that I could learn a lot from listening to those older people.

I can honestly say that I am very grateful for that lesson learnt as the advice and wisdom gleaned from those wonderful older people have helped me immensely in my life today.

Problem is that I am now running out of older people to listen too.

It’s a pity the younger generation has not learnt to listen. If they listened instead of yelling ranting and screaming they just may learn a thing or two. The older generation have been there done that. Their life experience is an invaluable lesson.



Douglas Murray goes to Investigate what is really going on in USA - and then to Portland to watch and see for himself the Riots and Intimidation - The destruction and the incitements to murder by the Leftists. On behalf of teh rest of teh world.

In discussion with Bret Weinstein afterwards he says that the situation is "So much Worse than one expected"

And that perhaps Portland is beyond redemption - and it may be that Portland needs to be allowed to be destroyed by the mob as a warning to the rest of the cities and towns of America !

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