The Most Profitable Trading Pattern You Will Ever Encounter

appreciate that but I am trying to test the system indicated in this thread, that’s all :+1:

haven t read the whole thread, i saw it s based on ma crossover and stochastic,and from my perspective and experience that didn t worked for me when i tried that in the beggining, so hence my post, anyways, good luck with that bud.

there is a subtle tweak in using the stochastic here, if you read the second or third post it explains it

The most profitable strategy ever is also the most simplest one ever.

wow a 100% winrate from this strategy! amazing!

Welcome > The £10K Gamble - [The Journey]

Ah - so nothing to do with this thread then, what a surprise eh?

No, this thread is pretty BS.

All these indicators, trading like amateurs - and actually expecting to make realistic money.

The stochastic has to be the worst indicator of all time.

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yeah we need those 100% winrate systems right?

100% winrate - you must be a multimillionaire? :wink:

It’s not about 100% win rates, and its not a system.

Systems are for suckers.

I’m not a multimillionaire no, but I don’t have to work for a living.

There’s smart money and dumb money, and this thread isn’t smart money.

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I am sorry for the confusion, the myfxbook results were meant to test an aggressive money management system were you basically get 4 attempts at a margin call while you try to get the most return for your trades. It is in the thread somewhere.

I haven’t been trading forex for a while. But I checked and there was a signal on the EURUSD 4hr chart (my preferred time frame) on August 25.

The one modification is may be you can exit the trade for a tiny loss if the stochastic crosses back below its MA if you were buying for example, rather than wait for the pattern to reverse.

I would give this more work but to be honest last few years I have been focused on investing in companies rather than trading.

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Great thread man! I’m going through it for a second time and starting to test the strategy out this week

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Hello you’re system looks really good and profitable, this is my 2nd day of trading using your system on a demo account however I have not made a profitable trade yet lol, I’m not saying it doesn’t work however I wouldn’t mind a few more screenshots of winning set ups.
cheers :slight_smile:

Ah I know about trading pullbacks


Welcome back @PhilipPirrip :blush: I missed you in the forum :heart_eyes:

I’d like to master this strategy but I’m loosing in trades, do you mind answering a few questions about this, please?

Tnx and best of luck :blush:

Sorry to hear this. Focus on trading one pair and you will do fine.

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Hiya @PhilipPirrip :blush:

Thanks so much for answering to my post. My questions are:
Q1) I don’t use the MT4 in some brokers that I use, they have their own trading platform that is non-standard. I’m sending you the Stochastics settings, are you able to comment on these and tell me what setting shall I select for each field:

Q 2) How the strategy works for a sample Long position is/can be the blew figures:
2-A) Figure 2-A shows how to enter into a possible long position based on the strategy. As we know that market patterns are not a black and white scheme and the figures/candlesticks drawings will take the shape/patterns that can be similar but sometimes confusing. Below is the Figure 2-A: :thinking:

2-B) Figure 2-B shows another possible entry based on your strategy for the same figure. We have a new long position entry point for the same Figure 2-A candlesticks drawings: :thinking:

Could you please answer the Q1 and then in Q2 please answer which one of the 2-A or 2-B or both is the correct entry for the strategy for a possible long position?

Q3) Shall we keep the strategy as this or we can consider this strategy with other TA and indicators to calibrate the results?

Could you please kindly answer with referencing to the numbers.

Tnx and best of luck :blush:

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I smell a thread has been necro’d.

It looks like the fxbook account is down 85%. Not sure if this strategy is still good. Assuming the original strategy is what has lead to a loss of so much on the account.

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Great post. Thanks for sharing this with the community! I read this about a week ago and really liked the points you made and have been doing some testing. When results come in I will post an update. Thanks again!!