The most you made in a day

It’s interesting to see what’s the highest amount of money you made in a day? Post your highest record. Mine was $460. Note: Not demo trading, real money.

I think a pip count in would be better, some ppl dont like to share how much that is in $.
plus 10 of your pips can be 100 of my pips :wink:
my highest in one day was 650-700 pip

Hey Hey

My best single day was $6.23 in one trade! No kidding. Well, my account at the time was only $25… so hey, that’s not bad. But on the flip side that was a moronic trade… lucky me I was aware of the danger in trades of such.

My best trade was about 28%, great and all, but it will never happen again… walking upon shards of jagged glass is thrilling but in the end the risk of an infection that leads to death is too great.

Yep, still trading the micro account… =P

I think both PIP and $ can be meaningful. In $ vs amount of investment gives a good sense of danger/risk involved. I routinely make few thousand USD with initial deposit of 50000.00. Now, my account is over 130,0000 after few months of trading, my mistakes are minimizing as time goes on. It takes reading and calculations if you want to be consistent. Thinking back, there were days when I have only few thousand dollars left in my account holding onto a lot of buy position in AUD, believing that AUD will rise, and it did. Had I sold, I would have lost 90% of all my money. Now, my neck is not extended as far, and my itching fingers were rubber banded to restrain from buying with just wild believes. I read about 6-7 hours a day in both Chinese Bankers analysis and of course, babypips and others before any trade at all. Making a living doing Forex is doable. I never invest in any move unless I know what the major direction will be, that gives you time to play. For the next months, I believe we will see AUD, NZD heading towards much lower value, I have been shorting AUD with gusto! Meantime, I do not stay in the market too long. If mistakes were made, I will wait for position turn profitable. I will buy CAD when it gets to 1.07 something, and continue to buy it even it gets to 1.0 or under, it will get back to over 1.15. Forex trading changed my life for I finally realized what danger is all about.

my highest was 450 pips with three trades :slight_smile:

Good for you. Congradulation and be careful


600 pips on the EUR/USD when the crash retraced in the end of '08

Gave all of it back & my initial deposit in about 15 minutes on the 2nd fall on 12/18 :smiley:

My stomach was in my throat, haha.

Been learning the REAL way to trade ever since.

Close to 400 pips, that was a good day lol.

hie hassan,if u willing to share ur highest amout record,might sharing ur system that make u $460?

A.O.A! Hassan bro i’m from Pakistan and where u from!

Plz tell me what Pakistan standard time is suficient for me?

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I’m just courious, what do you mean the REAL way to trade. I too have recently scrapped everything I knew and started from the bottom up, again. I love to read about different traders and their wake up calls, when they know its time to cut the crap and start from scratch. Just wondering.

Thanks, Brian

Small size.

A plan.

Follow through.

The ability to eliminate any trace of compulsion from the act.

Have fun.

That’s my take.

I like that. Yup, my big sticky notes on my screen are patience, money management, and more patience. I used to just get borred and try and force trades that were not there, its taken me this long but I am a hell of a lot more consistant when I am patient and let the trades set up how they should.

Today was a cool day for me. I booked as much as I did on the day I referred to previously, for the first time. Took an early lunch and appreciated the fact it took 7-8 months to get there again, but the 'right way.'
Gave nothing back, and tomorrow’s just another day. It’s difficult, but then again, rewarding to realize nothing easy is worth doing.

The most I’ve made is 95 PIPS! 15% increase in my account. Awesome day! :smiley: