The New Guy In Town

Hey everyone, my names Wayne, I’m 18 and I am currently taking a course in plumbing and heating, and I’m new to forex. I’ve been trading a demo account for a few days now and right off the bat I got a couple big wins… Then came all the losses. So here I am on baby pips trying to learn a thing or two so I can hopefully build apon a profitable strategy. From what I’ve researched so far I’m still a long way away from being profitable but I’m here for the ride and can’t wait to see how thing play out.

its really good that you are trading on demo , keep it continue and you can start with education of this forum , you are very young , so dont hurry please.

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Hey Neil. Thanks for the advice, I’m currently going through the school of pipsology and taking plenty of notes. I’m aware of the high learning curve to trading successfully. I’ll definitely not be investing any real money until I’m comfortable with the markets, may it take months or even years.

My advice is read up on money management.