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Hello Babypips members,
My name is Jimmy Ruptash i am from Canada, Quebec (yes french canadian) and like you guys I came across Forex and soon became addicted. So i read a couple books and open my demo account and try to treat the market with respect like my own business. I am 23 years old and currently work in a Volkswagen dealership. I was on my way to start my own business when i came across Forex. I like the fact that you can work from home without having any big expenses and also because it seems like a constant challenge. For now i want to master the trade and maybe make an extra income until i’m comfertable enough to leave my job (goal is at 30 years old)

For the rest well in summer time i do a lot of motocross in tracks near my house. I also like to travel around the world, living new experience.

Any advice, comments, reviews and books and website is appreciated.

Thanks !

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Never quit.

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Learn about …
Wycoff. Price Action. And Volume.

Trendlines. Support & Resistance.

If I know what I knew 7 years ago. I wouldn’t spend an ounce of time on indicators except maybe moving averages.

Thank you !! I’ll check it out

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Hello Jimmy, welcome to our forex community! Thanks for sharing your background and trading goals right here. My advice would be to just keep practicing and to stay disciplined even if you undergo losing or winning streaks. Come up with a solid trading plan and stick to it before risking live money. Best of luck to you and see you around!

I’m new, I am years old and I have no clue about FOREX. I sell cars and look to make some extra money on top of my network marketing company. Any tips that you have learned so far??

Click on the School tab and get learning