The Quasimodo Zone

see some posts above for the difference between SHS and the ugly brother QM …(neckline entry,pulback entry etc)
its about the structure not the name …so believe what you want as long as you can profit from it :wink:

audcad h1 this week


daily qm in play on eurcad (before and after news) and usdcad (before and after news) even when there is not such astrong momentum to the upside its very likely to catch some pips on this daily levels :slight_smile:

all posted before the fact on tradingview …just FYI :wink:


very similar to how I do my analysis, nice ! lol

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Hey I followed you on trading view

Can you please explain a great position for TP ( take profit) please.

hard to tell something on the chart you provided…not much info on it… :wink: long? short? entry? etc.

but for your information i typical use the next s/r level or s/d level as target for at least half of the position (or even 3/4 of it) rest of the position is trailed down or set to break even and wait for the next possible trouble area…thats always a personal choice …what ever gives you more peace of mind and of course a better return

but take a look at my picture and how i see your posted situation :slight_smile:

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:smiley:thanks for opening my eyes.

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just what i see from my point of view …other may see other things but thats the stuff iam focused on :slight_smile:

Another Question😁.

This is a example, y this quasimodo failed, what must I look to be sure that this is a ryt quasimodo?

in the end its like with every method you trade not every set up will work 100% of the time…
but you might find clues when it will work and when its not likely to work …
for your posted set up i see a demand area which wasnt engulfed by price …if it would be engulfed i would like your set up very much … doesnt mean the set up now would be incorrect…no it is correct but we must recognize that there is this demand zone which is able to push price strongly up…another thing is m1 chart gives way more possible set ups than higher time frames so you will see more "bad"set ups …
and very important if u trade with market entrys you would never never never enter a short after the first big momentum candle into your zone …checking next candle would be the way to go and the next candle destroyed the zone :wink: …if u work with limit orders your sl was hit 100% .hehe happens…next…
but take a look at the broken zone and what happens on the retest and of course the qm set up i market out :slight_smile:

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:grin: thanks again now I’m learning something​:man_dancing::man_dancing:

little drill down on nzdusd from last week
see below the h4 chart before and after
with area of interest for me (daily sr flip ) i thought we already have seen a stop hunt above september high /resistance … in other words a short at market opening was my idea(entry right after market open is not a good idea but sometimes you need to show some guts :wink: ) … market has other ideas and went even a bit higher before following the plan and offering other set ups to go with the bearish flow

what i wanna show is that qm is just 1 tool out of the set up box and depending on market situation and flow you should take the tool you need …so what are possible entrys here ? which tools to use :
lets start in h4 like above… first possible entry was an bearish engulfing right at my sweet spot of the htf flip zone

next chart is h1 with a qm zone …not the nicest or smallest and it was close to get hit ( textbook is rare )

next is also h1 chart showing us a DBD formed supply area which was also closly missed

next lower tf is m15 here showing us possible sr flip entry …as the last touch we can use for entry …overshoot a bit can happen always like not reaching area on the pip …but the overall area and action should be clear again

and last tf i wanna show is m1 chart in the area of our flip from pic above …we see the last touch in m1 …and what we see ?! possible qm entry right at the flip zone + a clear sr flip below …

one bigger tf idea and 1000 ways to trade it :slight_smile: 1000 traders would trade that chart in 1000 ways…this is my way :slight_smile:
have a great weekend everybody

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watching this qm at nzdchf
currently on its way north we have qm area + a supply zone in front of us and i would like to see some PA right into the zone to look for a short with first target at flip zone and second one at swing low if price is able to break the flip …
in case we break the qm and absorb the supply we need to readjust the plan but so far iam a bear if we arrive at the market areas
lets see what last weeks in december can offer

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Hello! I also trade a quasimodo figure and want to share additional filters as indicators. divergence by rsi and stochastic overbought zone. I apologize for my English, I use a translator.


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hey viktor
i have stoch on my chart as well … its kind of extra extra confirmation for me when i have divergence right on the pullback into the qm area :slight_smile:
at the right spot divergences are a nice thing
like your charts mate


I see 2 QMs at the top. This is awesome analysis!

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hey guys thought i post some last week entrys as iam mostly on a 1min tf trip at the moment …:wink:

eurusd (can you spot the missed entry :wink: )

Stay heathy guys

stumbled upon your blog and got more solid knowledge of this QM techniques… although i have been profitable 80% of the time… i still believe that lot more secret hidden to make this method truly ultimately the most profitable and tradeable style be it scalpers…intraday…swing…
Keep digging !

i noticed for as long as we follow the market trend and not going against it… we will always hit profit… some obvious reason why some QM trade was not profitable was when we got retracement at the bigger TF while we were seeing some pretty setup at lower tf… how do you mitigate this ?