The Quasimodo Zone

Not bad. Good trader. keep up the good work.

Nice chart



there you go with with some more explaining :

you can trade it on its own in every TF or you take daily or h4 QM zone or s/d , s/r zone and look for the pattern in lower TF (as we know market is fractal :wink: )


another example from this weeks possible usdcad long …

Structure is everything …
have a great weekend everybody …


have the same bias, nice!

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as i lack of time at the moment ( became a daddy :slight_smile: ) iam more focused on HTF action to have a more relaxed market approach…this will change in some month again i think :wink:

just want to update the thread a bit with a WTI short i took yesterday evening …

Structure is king :slight_smile: have a cool rest of the week folks

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another almost textbook example of audchf h1 from last week …

Dax (Ger30) Example from last week …15min chart …

and same chart just added some “lines” :wink: …see how PA / Technical Analyse and 1 entry set up you focus on can line up and produce good stuff for you ( jus an add on you hopefully already know =Trendlines are valid after 3 touches …so for TA/PA Traders the break out happend after the validation of the TL …retest on point )
Learn from the past translate it to the future :wink:

have a good sunday guys

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Dear Sir, I am a newbie and i would like to apply this system.May I know the winning rate of this system sir?

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winnrate depends on the trader and the abilty to spot the set up so its hard to tell cause its not a mechanical system and you need to get used to see the pattern …means you need to invest your time to elaborate that for yourself … many factors play in here …for example just taking this kind of set up as reversal or in trend direction can make a hugh differents …i personaly have a strike rate between 40-60 … but as we look for good RR this is fine …for sure can be hard for the mind to see some losers in a row but 1-2 winners usually take care of a couple losers … for example 40% strike rate
6 out of 10 trades are losers = -6 R ( or -6% if u take 1% risk each trade)
4 out of this 10 trades are winners with RR of lets say 4 (i go for RR betwen 3 and 10 but depending on SL it can also grow to alot more than 10R …)but for this example lets just take 3R as our target you have a Return of 12R or 12% with 1% Risk each trade means in the end we talk about a gain of 6% …

but here is the psychological aspect : are you able to take 6 losers in a row but still trust your edge :wink:
so if u wanna start thats great but please start on demo or with small money to get a feeling for the method and the set up you are looking for …and of course journal the trades to see what works for YOU … cause what woks for 1 trader dont need to work for another

but if u are able to master it or find your personal edge with the method you can take away big RR factors out of the market …at least this is my experience
iam sure you want to hear a simple answer and just a % amount but i believe just saying you will have XX% winning rate isnt the way it goes :wink:

do u have any pdf books bro?

no pdf book
mate … check the thread in your pm …everything you need is in there …some work but thats the game … no pain no gain ^^ :wink:

OK BRO. thanks

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Good advice, i couldn’t have say it better myself.

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gbpusd from today 15 min chart … my qm zone was not hit …sometimes you need to improvise :wink:
thats why i say structure is king not just blindly pattern trading …
to learn a specific pattern you need to spot it bindly for sure but when it comes to apply the knowledge there are always other factors involved … "be like water " a great man once said :wink:

half position closed at support rest =trailing

i see it there one support at 1.2350 and also SMA100 is on 1.2364 now hard go down stop movement from 3/4hour i took first move there and now w8 to go down SMA100 and arrive to support lvl on 1.2350 so can go down if no will go back UP again. It’s only my opinion.

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sounds legit …my original target is hit rest is extra and on top so it can do what it want now :wink:

eurnzd 5min
again textbook failed…qm zone not hit ( was very very close ) impro time again …
Structure is King

my view on audusd the last 3 weeks …

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what really can help trading QM is to look for nice candles in your trading direction…

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I dont believe this is the quasimodo pattern
I believe the originator took the name from another traders idea and put his own interpretation on it
As I understand it Quasimodo pattern only comes into effect when right shoulder is larger than the left which basicly rules out a classic head and shoulders pattern