The right time to trade?

how much time you have to spend on trading depends on couple factors like strategy type, time frame, capital on account, organization of your work, so no, I don’t think that you have to spend time on a regular 9 to 5 base

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thats right, but i didnt mean to stay in a trade for a long time or to over trade, what i mean is that you should have a clear schedule for when you trade, you can treat trading as a fun activiry and expect it to pay you like a job!

If you are trading on daily chart , you check charts one time a day, if you’re trading via expert advisors you are supervising your robots, if you’re trading in NY session, you will seat in front of monitor during NY session and trading., that means you decide when you will be trade

First, I do not consider using EA as trading! if you are using EAs, you are not trading, your EAs are, and then, what i mean is what mark douglas says in “the disciplined trader” i mean you cant trade anyyy time that you feel like trading or you you bored, this wont lead in profit.

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I answered your question, you decide when and how you are trading in case of trading via expert advisors, do you think that experts advisors comes from nowhere?

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EAs can come from another trader and a programmer and even the noobest noob can trade with them and even be profitable, i get what you mean it sounds more logical to me to accept mark douglas POV. he has a dozen of books on forex, but i dont even know your name!

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If you can find good expert advisors producer let me know. You are lazy because you didn’t even check my profile where I posted many things, include my name.

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The right time to trade depends on your trading strategy, personal schedule, and availability to monitor the markets.

Market conditions can vary day by day, it’s crucial to find a trading time that aligns with your strategy, fits your schedule, and provides you with the necessary market conditions and opportunities to execute your trades effectively.

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Do you trade lower or higher timeframes? :open_mouth:

Hi there! It’s great to hear that you’ve been successful in trading both during market hours and when they have been closed. The best time to trade can vary depending on your trading strategy, preferred markets, and personal circumstances.

During market hours, especially when major financial centers are open, there tends to be higher liquidity and increased trading activity. This can provide more opportunities for traders to enter and exit positions. However, it’s important to note that higher volatility during these times can also increase the risk.

On the other hand, trading OTC (Over-The-Counter) allows you to trade outside of regular market hours. This can be advantageous if you have a strategy that takes advantage of specific market conditions during those times, such as news releases or after-hours earnings announcements.

Ultimately, the best time to trade is subjective and depends on your individual trading style, goals, and the specific market you are trading. It’s essential to consider factors like liquidity, volatility, and your own availability when determining the most suitable trading times for you.

Remember to always conduct thorough research, practice risk management, and stay informed about market news and events that may impact your trades. Happy trading!

Your experience level also plays a huge role in this. Beginners are not recommended to trade in the volatile times when the price is moving unpredictable most of the times.

But in general you can make profits from any price movement if you are skilled enough. It’s hard to say anything specific about it.

Each timeframes has advantages and disadvantages and the choice depends on a trader’s strategy , risk tolerance and trading styles.


As a scalper, I always analyze the market to search for available opportunities and whenever I have such opportunity, I try to make the best use of it.

I find it hard coz you require monitor the market constantly.

The best trading time really depends on your trading style and what you’re trading. Market hours can have more volume and volatility, which can be both good and bad. OTC trading lets you trade even when markets are closed, but there might be less liquidity. You making money at both times just shows different strategies can work. Keep exploring what fits you best, but always manage your risks.

I most confident with trading based only on the daily chart.

As a scalper I always search for opportunities and whenever I have any opportunity, I make the best use of them.

As a scalper, I ambush on the market and analyze technically and fundamentally to find opportunities but I prefer trading at night.

lol, even bots are turning into “scalpers”, these days - if only they knew what it actually meant :joy: :roll_eyes: