The Skyscraper Index as an economic cycle indicator

just my thoughts onto the article you postet. allthough Soros theories onto the theory of reflexivity
i dont take too serious but it connects to the matter in some way as it combines business cicles with political money printing/spending partially market psychology etc

heres a good example. according to Kondratieff long swing theory we are right now at a low point in which new technologes needs to be developed as we used up most of ur limited possibilities at the moment to create growth.

new tech/resources:

shelf oil production (resources)
green energy (europe taking off its need for electrcity by 20% from renewable sources by this year)

new technologoes:
electric cars
smartphones changing our life
communicaton is everywhere, information is everywhere

im pretty sure starting in 5-10 years well see new skyscrapers beeing build again somewhere in the world.
USA is taking the leader role in this new developments and im pretty sure new yorks skyline will rise again. europe as usually s beeing slowed down by its beurocrats and old ppopulation (demograhic wise) who are always against absolutely everything new. Asia is simply uncreatve and has no connecton to new technology the next 20 years as its normal for not-western countries which do not have the “Ancient Greek model of competitiveness” which every western country adopted (and whch qualifies a western country as a western world country in the sense of “Western Civilatons - Hellenistic philosophy, Scholasticism, humanism, the Scientific revolution and the Enlightenment” to no invent new technologies or adopt them in a early stage.