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When you first start learning something, you acquire information. As you acquire more and more information, your mind will sift through it and will organize it, and will only leave the most important information that pertains to you, and that becomes your knowledge. Then as you start acting on your knowledge, and start gaining experience on a subject, that knowledge turns into wisdom. I learned this story from a short but great book, called The Success Formula by Bob Burg, which I suggest you [U][B]listen to for free here[/B][/U][U][B].[/B][/U] Bob was trying to emphasize that in order to become successful, not only do you need to be knowledgeable, but you also need to be wise, and wisdom is only acquired through action and experience. But I think there is also a second lesson to this story. I couldn’t become a successful trader, no matter how much information I was gathering, and no matter how many books I read from “knowledgeable” experts. I only became successful in forex, once I met a few very wise people, at the bank were i worked .So please, before you open up a space in your mind to someone or something, make sure they are a wise person, who is actually trading and making money in forex, instead of just giving you a bunch of useless theories.


…and now you would like to share the knowledge and wisdom you received from those wise people from the bank… :slight_smile:

James, thanks for a great post.



First off, thank you for sharing and imparting your wisdom. I agree that every person who has a success to share, in one way or another can attribute this to relationships or friendships with individuals who posses a wisdom of that particular subject.

I can say for certain that when I came across your IB system a month or so ago, I felt like the guy who discovered king tuts tomb…thinking to myself…I knew this #$%* was down here! I had one of those moments where I was staring at one of those 80’s dot artwork things, staring at it for hours, until bamm, it hit me, “it’s a #$&%'ing ship out to sea!”

Many thanks. I have been trading your system and doing well every day. Yes, I have made little adjustments, but only in terms of money management -per trade risk, lot size, daily budget etc. I think every advance I have made as a trader in the last few months, starting with your system, has been made through analyzing the detailed notes I keep in my trading journal. It gives me great confidence and everyday I learn something new. And more often then not, I learn what I do not know.

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