The teacher is making me introduce myself so here we go

2020 has been pretty crazy. Such a roller coaster ride. One of my parents almost died of a heart attack, I almost lost my life in an accident…not to mention navigating through these lockdowns during this pandemic. On top of that, paying bills!

I figured it’s time to learn new skills and seek alternative sources of income.

About me:
A 20-something year old college drop out who’s employed but seeks financial freedom. I’m motivated to learn about the forex so I can help my family.

My intermediate goal is traveling the world with my friends and family while doing side hustles and mostly forex trading.

My ultimate goal is to put myself in a position where the wealth I generate will be used to help those who need it and those who want a way out of the hamster wheel race.


Yeah your teachers an idiot for making you introduce yourself. But good luck on your forex journey! :+1:

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Sounds like we have the same exact goals! Goodluck buddy. Whose your mentor?