The top of the forex food-chain --- 2015

The May 2015 [I][B]Euromoney FX Survey[/B][/I] has been released.

It lists the world’s top 15 banks, ranked according to currency trading volume. These giant investment banks are the 15 largest banks in the interbank network. Together they transact more than 85% of the world’s foreign exchange trading volume.

Here are the Top 15 Banks, listed in order according to current market share.

In the left-hand column, each bank’s current ranking is shown, together with last year’s ranking in parentheses. Example: JP Morgan is ranked 4th this year, and was ranked 6th last year.

Market share figures in green indicate an increase from last year. Figures in red indicate a decrease.

Here is the [I]Euromoney[/I] article —

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