The Trader's moviebox! What to watch while waiting!

I am certain that I am not the only guy that like to watch those trader movies and documentaries.
As we all know Youtube is a great source for these videos, the problem is finding them and especially the ones that are fun or valuable.

Let us collect a nice library of these movies.

These are the first ones:

[B]Floored: Into the Pit![/B] [Step into the pit of the Chicago mercantile exchange with this full length movie Floored.]YouTube

[B]Wallstreet Warriors:[/B] [Who doesn’t want to be scouted by that Deal maker!]
Season one –

  1. YouTube
  2. YouTube
  3. YouTube
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  5. .
  6. YouTube
    Season two –
  7. YouTube
  8. .
  9. YouTube
  10. .
  11. YouTube
  12. .
  13. YouTube
  14. YouTube
  15. YouTube
    Season three-

[B]Million dollar traders[/B] [Yeah, Dutch guy is head of the pack…:)]
Season 1-

  1. YouTube
    Season 2-
    Season 3-

[B]The ENRON traders- The smartest guys in the room[/B]

[B]Money & Speed – Inside the Black Box[/B] [Dutch, but mostly English spoken. Is about the great spike of a couple of years ago] YouTube

[B]Trading in 1985[/B] - YouTube

[B]Economic documentaries: [/B]Top 15 Economic Documentaries

I will fill in the blank spots. But want to do something else at this moment…:slight_smile: I will include your suggestions to have one easy post to go to. Please post your suggestions in the thread.
Likes are appreciated!

here’s a list of 15 documentaries on economics: Top 15 Economic Documentaries

Thanks, I added them to the list…