The Zulu trader method...1000 pips a month

Hello all,
this is the easiest way to make at least 1000 pips a month. find a profitable zulu trader and wait until they
have a negative month. then link your account to theirs at the end of the month. if you look at their track record they usually have a positive month after a negative month. for example look at the top 20 zulu traders on zulu trade’s site. look at their performance in pips for example trader windows88 had a negative month in October 2011 (-1782 pips) the following month he had a very positive month + 2166 pips. this happens with a lot of traders, so why not follow the top 100 traders and check their performance at the end of each month and the one with the most negative …you link your account to that. trader…I don’t see any flaws with this system…all inputs are welcomed.

haha…but 9 out of 10 zulu signal providers are demo accounts…
when they make these 1000+ pips, they take on massive risks, they also open tons of positions
30 open positions times 50pips = 1500 pips
dont be tricked or fooled
most of them start out with tons of open positions to bank on these massive pips
once followers come in, they slow down, they only trying to bank on the commission earned
but in order to bank the commissions they need winning months, so once they start winning that month, most of them will just wait til the month to end causing only 50 pips gain that month…
this strategy of yours could work, but it’s fundamentally flawed

maybe so NewbTrader, but i think zulutrade website tells you if they are using real money or demo acct. …the method is worth a try you would have to see how they traded in the past.

thats not exactly true. not all of them use demo accounts for trading. and even so, that is not a crime. as for the massive risks, well this changes as that if they have more than 700 pips dd per trade per month - here goes off the window their precisous commission. same goes for negative PnL and carried opened position- unless their strategies are trading with a bigger time frame. ohh and we followers do take into consideration the monthly gain - nobody actually even considers 50 pips monthly gain as an attractive trader to follow. See, zulutrading is quite multifaceted.

Ha…this will not work every month. Not exactly a great system is it?

This is called GAMBLE.

not not really!
if you apply propper account and risk management, well then you can end up with some really sweet profits :wink:

Nice tip it might worth a try

well if you not doing it already then you definitely a lost case for trading forex…go into bonds…there fluctuation is awfully slow…

Nothing can assure the trader would have positive trading on next month. That’s the way we believe on trader can win after getting lost too much.

Zulutrade is not as I expected I lost up $1000 using signals

yeah right…you must’ve done something risky and something stupid for sure…

respected followers, i would like to request here to follow me on zulu, my ID is aspirex. U can findout that i have only 30% dd and 87% win rate. you can findout my real account detail on myfxbook with the same ID aspirex having 740% gain



you seem quite well !! really nice performance! congratulation.

however, I am concerned about this open positions of yours? what do you think of doing for that? I think your stop/losses are way too broad…imo, I doubt I I would be able to follow you all the way…

eddy mo i m realy thankful for having time a look around my profile, dear eddy i always try to close the trade in profit but also to maintain low DD as well for a small investor to secure their capital as well ranked 324 so far.struggling to have first within top 100 and then top 10 hope u people will support me.


well keep the risk low and the trades profitable, trade only when you are certain about it…i think this is enough for it to make some decent followers accounts under you.
also, listen to your followers, they always communicate so you will know what exactly and in which direction to go.

again thx eddy,today got ranked 303 on Zulu, can see have gain on real account 856% . I am realy looking for a decent followers who understand my strategy that me and they could earn some decent earning.
aspirex System | Myfxbook
ZuluTrade - Trader Performance - aspireX


Way to go AspireX very good results!! look, followers are easily satisfied - give them good results and they will follow like flies!

dear eddy now position is 249 ranking, i am realy thankful to you for supporting me



Sure!!! I am glad to help!!
way to go friend!! keep on doing the good work