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Understanding the buying power of leverage and lot size in your trading account - The5ers Leverage

n this video, we explain what is leverage in forex trading and how to calculate it. The leverage is the buying power given to a forex account. At the5ers we use the leverage of 1:6 for the low-risk programs and 1:30 for the aggressive ones.

8 Mistakes New Day Traders Make

New day traders often make the same mistakes. Knowing how to avoid them can make the difference between a profitable career to a lifetime of regret.

  1. Picking a Bad Broker

  2. Making Too Many Trades

  3. Overconfidence on One Trade

  4. Sunk Cost Fallacy

  5. Impatience

  6. Inflexibility

  7. Buying With No Volume

  8. Giving in to FOMO

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The Lower Hanging Fruit - Forex Money Management Strategy

After struggling for a few years in forex trading, I hadn’t managed to find a solid trading concept that made sense to me or a forex money management strategy that helped me.

I did everything in my power, everything about trading that I could, but even with all that effort, I was still struggling for consistency.

I became obsessed with finding the right strategy for trading. Everything changed when I found a trader, who opened my eyes. There are a lot of people who find trading complex and boring, but if you take the time to learn it, you will find that it is quite interesting.

The lower hanging fruit is a forex money management strategy you should try to learn and use to turn a profit.

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4 Keys to Creating a Systematic and Achievable Trading Plan, This guide that I have put together is merely to give you a framework.

Part 1 – Methodology Plan

Part 2 – Your Money Management Plan

Part 3 – Trading Psychology

Part 4 – Using the best tools for trading success

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Trading Strategy as a Reflection of your Personality

How to find your perfect trading strategy, and be on your way to trade under conditions that are ideal for your personality and style.

A big reason many traders are unprepared for this profession is that they enter the job with one tunnel view set ahead of them.

They jump into the market because they want to make money.

The sole desire to make money prohibits many traders from looking deeper into the trading profession in order to find that there are many more layers than just buying and selling in order to turn a profit.

The layers and complexities beyond this binary fantasy give way to unique and challenging ways for each and every trader to craft personalized trading strategies and methods of trading according to their own strengths and weaknesses.

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Trade Sideways Markets (consolidations) like Professional Forex Traders Do

Forex professionals look for all sorts of trading situations to describe price movements. One such scenario is a sideways market.

In this video, we’ll dig deeper into what trading sideways means and how you can benefit from it.

Supply and Demand Forex – The Highest Accuracy Method

Gil Ben Hur, The5ers CEO, will prepare us for this new year from a Supply and Demand perspective. He will explain the core concepts of Supply and Demand, and highlight key levels on the market to take advantage of in this new year.

Risk management Webinar. The least spoken ingredient for trading success

Gil Ben Hur presents the correct risk management when trading. The least spoken ingredient for trading success.


Why Taking a Loss is the Most Difficult Thing to Do in Trading

Taking a loss in the trading is no fun. How can traders take their losses in their stride without it affecting them emotionally and psychologically.

If traders can understand why it is so very difficult to take a loss in our profession, rather than to take a loss in another profession - we may be able to understand and accept it more easily.

We do not like to be wrong. Accepting that we are wrong is one of the most difficult things to do. But in trading, accepting this will save you a lot of money and it’s really the best thing you can do for yourself and your trading career.

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An advanced risk allocation webinar for forex traders with Saul Lokier

We all know the Clichés of Risk Management. We won’t cover that. We are going deeper into Advanced Risk Allocation.

Commodities Behind the Scenes - Understand the price movement in the mid-term and long-term view.

Ruben Abitbol overviews different commodities by explaining what factors can affect the commodities market, and what strategy could be used to trade them.

Where the commodities markets stand right now, what can we expect in the future, and a case study during the pandemic covid - Oil and Gold

Correct Mindset for Traders - Breaking Down the Trading Profession. Trading Psychology

A correct mindset is key for success in trading, Gil Ben Hur giving pro mental tools for achieving maximum performance in trading.

All Timeframe Trading - Gary Langley defines entries and exits using the forex high timeframes.

Gary L. defined entries and exits using the high timeframes to map out the small times.

Patience Pays Strategy - Wait patiently for this setup, and the forex market will pay you accordingly.

The best traders know that patience is a virtue. This webinar will discuss a specific setup, which gives the trader all the tools to become consistently successful if only the trader is patient enough to wait for it.

The wonder of the spinning top is a pattern that gives you an edge over the stocks and FX market.

A high-probability trades that come after spinning tops are created (both for continuation and reversals).

The Difference Between Quasimodo and Head & Shoulders

Two of the most reliable and powerful reversal pattern is Quasimodo and Head & Shoulders, but many traders confuse between them.

In this video, we explain the difference between Between Quasimodo and Head & Shoulders.

How to fix the most common challenges forex traders face.

This webinar uncovers what traders suffer the most during their careers and gives practical tools to fix it.

Learn how to become an algorithmic trader without knowing anything about programming.

Learn how to become an algorithmic trader without knowing anything about programming. With the correct tools, you will be able to generate a diversified portfolio of trading systems that are 100% automated.

Shades of Success - The process to reach high-level trading in the forex market

Shades of success in forex trading It is an individual process of constant improvement that eventually brings a trader to reach a higher level of performance.

Traders tend to compare themselves and their results to other traders, hoping to achieve their performance, forgetting there are differences from one to another, such as:

Available time for trading, different trading sessions to trade (time zone), different strategies, risk tolerance, different character, skills, and more… all are factors that will determine the results and performance of every single trader.

There isn’t one true definition for success when it comes to trading. Every trader needs to define what success means for him and what is the right path to obtaining it slowly.

This process is called “Shades of Success.”

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Trading The Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP)

All forex traders have heard the term NFP.

In this guide, we will dig deep into the NFP and how it makes the forex market move.

What is NFP?

The non-farm payrolls(NFP) is a key figure released by the US Department of Labor that presents the number of new jobs created during the previous month. These jobs are associated with all non-agricultural businesses in the United States, and It is always released on the first Friday of every month.

The goal of the NFP report is to illustrate how much new employment was generated in the previous month, excluding seasonal jobs such as farming. This presents us with a number that can easily be compared month to month to better understand the US economy’s status.

How Does The NFP Affect Forex?

The NFP report is a significant indicator of the condition of the US economy. It’s because jobs are the most important of every economy, and more job creation means a healthy and strong economy.

When jobs are created, it makes employers raise salaries, giving employees more money to spend. This boosts both GDP and inflation.

As a result, the NFP report is closely examined, particularly in forex markets, because the degree of job creation is directly related to interest rates. Interest rates are expected to rise if the labor market and the economy are both strong.

For these reasons, we frequently witness big changes in currency markets following the release of the NFP report.

Which Currency Pairs Are Most Influenced by The NFP?

Because the NFP data is a predictor of American employment in forex trading, the data release has the greatest impact on currency pairs, including the US Dollar, such as the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, or USD/JPY.

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