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Man, I wish that was really true.

Hi there, mark is very profitable over the long term! I trade the same way and do very well

for example this is the AUDCAD …its near the top of the range on weekly and has formed a descending wedge triangle…where the location is …its usually a bearish pattern…to me it looks quite heavy ie …look where it closed on friday…so the confirmation is a break of the triangle to the downside…but like mark, i like to get in abit early so i would wait for what i call an insurance day bar…and sell about 1 to 2 pips below that bar…so patience is a must but alot of white space is below.


I would steer clear of him, I’ve was with him for 4 months and here is what I’ve learned.

  1. He managed members accounts (who paid extra) using a broker called Berndale Capital (whom he recommended to everyone) Many of these members reported losses of 90% of their accounts (hundreds of thousands total) on two rogue trades, Mark says he didn’t trigger these trades, Berndale says he did and they’re now blaming each other/threatening legal action but its far from being resolved and I doubt it will TBH. There is also a cease and desist that suggests he isn’t even allowed to manage peoples accounts so it is upsold to members who’ve already joined.

  2. Countless Administrative errors e.g. ‘buy stops’ when it should read ‘sell stops’ signals 100 or so pips off from what he meant. Really sloppy signals.

  3. Really dishonest marketing! I know marketing is mostly BS anyway but the stories and nonsense they give you to entice you in is just deplorable.

  4. Really poor performance, lost loads over the summer and into the fall of 2016 and conveniently just doesn’t show his September performance. He seemed to start risking much higher % trades towards the end of the month to try and make up for losses but just made it worse. Overall I think I lost 30-40% following each of his trades to the letter.

  5. If you speak out or question anything they don’t like in the Facebook group you’ll just get deleted or banned.

This guy comes across as decent and professional but please don’t buy into it as I unfortunately did.

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How much is he actually charging per month or per year?

With all his marketing BS it is actually impossible to tell how much!!!

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Has anyone else got any feedback about this service?

I’m a newbie and recently became consistently profitable. I trade using patterns - wedges, triangles, channels, head and shoulders etc. So, I know for sure that pattern trading is profitable, however, not sure if it’s worth signing up for his signals.

Obviously, Mark trades patterns, meaning that his service will be useless to any other type of trader. So, are there any other [B][U]pattern[/U][/B] traders out there who are, or have previously, signed up to Mark’s service? How did you find it?

Bad experience

Avoid, run like crazy - I subscribed and lost all

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I would run like crazy, I was a subscriber and he lost all my money

I would not recommend this person, very scary, I was a subscriber, not nay longer

Which one of the products sends you the daily email with the signals?

Is it the $997 per year one or can you pay the $97 a month and still get the signals?

hi curious if anyone is with marks service…odd that he is taking all his videos off of youtube now…

Ive been getting spam mail from him, no idea where he got my email address but he’s p###ing me off.
Cant abide spammers and scammers

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I signed up for his $67 a month service in January. So far I have had only one winning trade since I joined, and that’s because I exited the trade early. Most of his trades don’t trigger. I have not had any losing trades but only one winning trade since joining is not worth it. If he doesn’t come up with any winning trades soon I am going to cancel my subscription.

I’ve been with Mark for 6 months. When his signal comes out, i place an order which lasts for 1 week. Well that’s all I’ve been doing. Some trades get triggered. Some don’t. Then new signals come out the following week. And just repeat the steps.

It’s been very profitable trading his signals the past 6 months. Apr-Oct 2017 I watch his vids every now and then.

His signals are what i most look forward to start my each week.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I’m in his pattern trader accelerator program.

Note: He teaches us to proportion our investments correctly so that you can see returns over the course of 1 year. Don’t be greedy. Happy trading :slight_smile:

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You want to be just very lucky, if you want to make profits from his trades. His approach is fare too simple. Unfortunately trading is more complex. I cancelled my subscription after 1 year. I can not say I learned much or made any profits. His trading is totally by chance. I think it’s even dangerous. If you made profit, you were just lucky, you will loose it again, I can guarantee you. I can not recommend him. There are better traders out there by fare.

Mark Shawzin. the patteren Trader is a career scam artist. Check out Tradingsschools.

It’s never a bad decision to see how other traders trade. You get to learn new things that you can also apply on your account. But make sure that you don’t risk your money every time you learn something new. You have demo accounts for that purpose.

I see some very very good reviews reviews and there are 4.7stars on Trust Trust pilot. Then I checked two other websites and turned up to be a scam. Read for his many forex companies that he operates. Also he was offering to trade customers funds. Very suspicious for me despite those almost 5stars in trust pilot.

Just saw that is very easy to buy reviews on Trust pilot. Not sure if I will check for feedback over there anymore

You have only posted one time lol