They are fraud!

Was that even a broker? :joy: Most brokers at least have a lot of the forex pairs.

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It was a legitimate broker - they got taken over later by a larger firm so they no longer exist. It’s possible that when I joined them they were already on a downward trajectory and were winding down operations as they were so small.


But besides that, are you working with just a single broker right now, or do you have multiple brokers for different market situations?

Oh, that makes sense now. I felt bad for them. I really don’t want anybody to be in that situation, even those brokers. :cry:

No, I just have one broker. They’re reliable.

I changed my broker because their trading platform for Knock-Out-Certificates didn’t let me set a stop loss and a take profit order at the same time. Because of tax reasons it is better in my country to daytrade with K.O.-Certificates rather than CFD’s or Futures.

Switched to a DPS account at another broker, that offeres the same tax benefits.

WTH! Good for you for leaving them. I can say one of the best decisions in your life was choosing another broker.

Several years ago I changed the broker because the old one was a marketmaker.

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Oh! Are you working with just a single broker right now, or do you have multiple brokers for different market situations?

I’m working with one broker. I don’t need another atm. What do you mean with “different market situations”?

I’ve met brokers who don’t let you trade news. Some also don’t like scalping. So, you have to change your style depending on the situation.

Oh, that’s what you mean. My broker allows scalping and actually everything else too. I have never had any problems either. But I also follow a different approach. So I specifically do not trade news or scalp. Most of my bots have a trend/countertrend strategy and are in the timeframes M15 - H4. There you generally have the least problems :wink: The only thing that interests me is the spread.

Withdrawal was not efficient enough, took so long time.

What does ‘so long time’ mean to you? How much time is considered ‘so long time’?

1 day is ok. some of the brokers take up to 2 days which is quite long but still ok.

are there still such brokers (i mean general brokers who are on business more than 2-3 years)? i thought there is only 1 question - spreads and delay time during news trading

Yes, I’ve seen brokers that have been working for more than 2 or 3 years. Actually, 2-3 years is nothing for a broker. You should look for one with more years of experience before relying on them.

That’s weird for sure, but perhaps they are just starting out, hence offer fewer instruments.

Having said that, did you not take a look at what they offer/support before you opened an account with them?

No, I just jumped right in to get some experience and move on if necessary. If I remember rightly a friend in a trading group I used to meet up with was also with them.

Don’t think today’s world is like, you know, all perfect where everyone’s got everything and looks out for each other. When we were kids we were always trying to fill that something missing inside us with outside stuff, just doing things without thinking much about it.