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Im tired of being an Uber driver. Tried forex before but with IML and they turned me off of it, but rona turned me back on. This is pandemic proof and I gotta make sure my moms can retire. And my dog needs new toys.


Love the intro. Welcome!

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Hahah! :smiley: Welcooome! :slight_smile: It’s great that you wanna help out your mom. :blush: And of course, I hope you get to buy your furbabies their new toooys! :blush:

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Man that IML be ruining it for a lot of people. :persevere:

Which city do you mostly drive in?

Dallas area.

Always nice to meet someone like who wants to earn not just for yourself but to give back as well. I wish you all the best.

Oh nice. How’s the passenger volume been like since Feb? :slight_smile: Hope you getting that forex ed started and have opened that demo account!

I like your ambitions :slight_smile: Good luck

It is a good thing that you want to earn money for your family and take care of their needs. You can start with a demo account for a while if you would like to get back in the forex business.