This vacancy (in the UK) may suit some of you - it is a teaching position

Hello peeps!

I was looking for jobs at the Open University and I saw this, which may or may not be attractive to

some of you:

Vacancies | Tutoring vacancies

The vacancy is for an online tutor in ‘Investment and portfolio management’ (Reference: B861)…

Take a look and see if you may like it!

Good luck!

And Derivatives and risk management! A pity that I don’t live in the UK…:S

Yes, that is the other vacancy that I should have mentioned, but you can see them both right there as you

open the link …

Ah, well, I am sure that you could find something in Ireland of a similar nature?

Or…apply from Ireland?

But probably not from The Netherlands… :slight_smile:

Oops sorry, I thought you were an Irish in Ireland…

Too bad


Hmm, perhaps for the better. I am not sure whether the financial world would profit when they follow my risk management rules. :smiley:

[Dramatized] Sir, can you please repeat that? So option traders are wimps because they trade 100:1 and in addition to the classical derivative trading tactics you like to introduce the tactics: Trample the wolves and Scare the bear? Also you propose to trade opposite to what is expected from the news and take a break when a trade goes bad because it will prevent you from rage-trading?

Me: Yeah, that is about it. Happy trading peeps!