This Week: Canadian CPI

Although Canada?s calendar had nothing scheduled for today, Monday?s docket is packed with manufacturing indicators, including shipments. Later this week, Canada is due to release its consumer price index, which could vindicate Governor Dodge?s position on inflation. Canada will wrap up next week with the release of wholesale sales and International securities transactions.

[B]Previous 24 hours:
[/B]There were no economic indicators scheduled for Canada over the last 24 hours.
[B]Next 24 hours:[/B]
[B]New Motor Vehicle Sales[/B] (MoM) (MAY)
Expected: 0.0%
Previous: 6.9%
[B]Manufacturing Shipments[/B] (MoM) (MAY)
Expected: 0.5%
Previous: -0.6%
[B]Unfilled Orders[/B] (Manufacturing) (MoM) (MAY)
Expected: 0.5%
Previous: 1.9%
[B]New Orders[/B] (Manufacturing) (MoM) (MAY)
Expected: 0.5%
Previous: 0.8%
[B]Manufacturing Inventories[/B] (MoM) (MAY)
Expected: 0.1%
Previous: 0.7%
[B]Manufacturing I/S Ratio[/B] (MAY)
Expected: 6.9%
Previous: 6.9%