This Week's Question: Do You Have a Trading Mistake That Still Haunts You to This Day?

All traders have made lots and lots of mistakes. Some greater than others, some WAY more memorable than most. Do you have one that you know you’ll just remember forever?

What’s yours and why is it so dang unforgettable?

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I have two that come to mods that both show the same principle - I traded what I thought, not what I saw.

The first incident cost me quite a lot of money when I bought shares in a UK pharma, as they expected to announce a ground-breaking development soon. And as price fell I bought some more, and some more and felt really clever. But the announcement never came. And price fell even faster and I had never bothered to think of a stop-loss.

The second was a similar lucky escape - I bought EUR/CHF right before the SNB debacle 2015. I believed the SNB, that they would keep buying EUR to maintain the exchange rate. Which they did - until they ran out of money. But this pair’s chart had been falling for over a year. All I had to do was follow what the banks were doing - they are much smarter than me. At least it was only a tiny loss… but it should have been a colossal win.

Ouch! It’s crazy what confidence can get us to do.

Hey at least you can say you were part of that historic event! And also of course, at least it was only a tiny loss.

Bitcoin bubble in 2017 and 2018. Not letting go and taking profit earlier, instead of hodling into oblivion, HOPING prices would rebound.

I think they will, I think they will, they will come back up… was my mindset.

Still came out profitable, but lost a ton of profits.

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Revenge for losses and experimenting with strategy in real account

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this is actually very sad.

The mistake I made I pray it never happened again and I stand for it.
Have you ever had a trade running in profit and out of greediness it turns to loss?, Since that day I became aggressive with trading and let me say this if you’re having to much loss in trading take some times off and reaccess the market.

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For me. I am soooo stubborn… I know the rule of PATIENCE…PATIENCE… & DISCIPLINE…DISCIPLINE… DISCIPLINE but as of writing still working for it…

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Any Bitcoin sells in the past 6 months lol

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BTC in 2017 vs now though… Unless you’re talking about altcoins?


Do you mean not following your trading plan?

Ha. Well as long as you sold at a profit, still not so bad right? Just don’t think about that what might have beens! (Easier said than done haha)

I only lost potential profit. So I’ve come to peace with it. Expensive lesson it was.

easier said than done for sure lol…though now I am wishing I was in a sell haha the life of a trader!

Brought 5 , yes 5 , Bitcoins way back in 2019. When Bitcoin was rising in early 2000, sold 4 @ $18,000.00. Wouldn’t say it was a mistake, but if I kept them all till now would be much wealthier. Why get greedy? If you make any money on the way up and not lose your shirt, you are doing it right. :heart_eyes:

1? Well, I have several mistakes that haunt me, but the foremost one was that when I started trading, I used to trade all day, and it went horrible for me. Now, I trade only when the market fluctuations are favourable. I have quite learnt from it now.

may i ask what happened?

Horrible mistake- I sold all the Bitcoins when they hit 22K in the previous months, thinking its giving me good profit and that’s the yearly high. I cry now seeing bitcoin going to 50K.

My trading journey has been full of mistakes. But at the same time, I would also like to say that if I had not made those mistakes, I would not have been able to reach where I am today. The biggest mistake that I made was not controlling my greed and overtrading.