This Week's Question: Do You Trade Other Markets Aside from FX? If So, Which Ones?

This week’s question is a pretty straightforward one. We’re curious to know if you trade other instruments/markets aside from currencies! Do you also trade cryptocurrencies? Equities? Futures? Options?

Which one’s your favorite? Or more importantly, which one has yielded you the most profit?

Yes I do. I trade a few different indices. US30, Nasdaq, AUS200, GER40, JPY225, UK100.

Also will trade USOIL, Gold, Silver.

And certain stocks as well.

Don’t always have trades or setups, but do take them when I can catch them.


Sure! I was trading exclusively stocks for years. Now I keep portfolio made of buy and hold ETFs (~55%), balanced mutual funds (~15%), stocks (up to 20%) and 10% left for forex and other ad hoc opportunities (unlisted shares, crowdfunding, etc.)

Additionally I have some investment funds for retirement, but I don’t count these as my part of actively managed portfolio.

EDIT: Oh I forgot the most important part with profit. Definitely stocks/ETFs. My quite small forex account was funded just from long term stock/ETF profits. (this only sounds awesome, but in fact, if for years you put regular amounts in market that just goes up - it’s just a snowball effect, not a skill :slight_smile: )


I’ve always traded currencies but started to dabble in cryptocurrencies recently in an attempt to expand my investment portfolio. Also looking at a few other options, but wanted to slowly start to branch out a bit at a time.

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Yes, i`m into Crypto trading too, which is overtaking FX trading slow but steady day by day.

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Actually I prefer to trade the Dow over forex as it has an inherent upwards buoyancy, with long-lasting long-term time-frame uptrends.


Haha yeah I can understand that. I’m only dabbling in crypto. Just holding.

Forex is my focus and I don’t want to get distracted by other instruments.

It is really tempting though!!

Fx mostly, recently started with crypto her get liquidity. Not for invest… Us39, nasdaq, s&p cause there are big bucks… Some times gold to get money not for invest… In stock market microcaps and smallcaps… Also nft

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Only demo trading forex, and some small bets on crypto.

This is a good plan too. :+1:

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I can add that apart from forex I am also starting to look at the S&P500 over the Dow and using BP as a proxy for oil. In both cases my risk limit of 1% of capital is respected when I set my stop-loss at 2ATR14.

What’s that been like?

Since May 21, crypto crypto and crypto
Long term, trading top tokens, trading sh__coin tokens, income mining (plotting - Chia) and most recently, yield farming and NFTs

Creating digital art… Kind of new stuff… Sorry for response now