This Week's Question: What's One Thing That Made You Happy This Week?

I made a special Dinner for the whole family and it came out great. It’s called “Kotthu” (it’s a food made with Roti made with all purpose flour and a mix of vegetables + eggs and/or meat or with only vegetables + Roti) A very famous Sri Lankan night food.

It’s something we can easily buy it from evening and night food stalls. And we used to get one for each member of the family and we had them at least once a month before. but the prizes went up unreliably and unfairly crazy


Imagine opening a position on a wrong symbol when being high, and when you realize that you are about 1k in profit, that is what made my day today.


Very happy this week on a little holiday in the Highlands, having rediscovered the fun of photography.


It always makes me happy!
I need to dance more than any other thing in the whole world and Yesterday I danced a lot! well I had a great dinner and wine after that dance (thanks to USDJPY :joy:)


can U share some of those photos? i think everybody will enjoy

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Hi @NatureGirl -
Nah, I just take them for my enjoyment but I am aiming to get a whole selection on the wall at home so at least I see some of them each day.


I would like to see them, as well. But I respect your choice more than I would want to see them. It’s nice to know there are people who don’t feel compelled to share everything online. It’s nice when something personal can stay personal.

I, too, recently had some ice cream. I get the really small cups at the supermarket. It’s just one serving. These past few weeks have been a bit stressful, so I’ve had two a week, and they’re always a pleasure to eat!


Thanks. If I come across a nice pic after the hols I might post it up.

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I’ll love to see those beaches.

Sleep is such an underrated necessity! I’m glad you were finally able to get it and hope you continue to do so.

Online orders arriving on time is another thing we take for granted!

That sounds amazing. Hope you get to do that more often this year!

That is definitely something to be happy about! This is great news, congrats!

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This sounds so flavorful and healthy! Does it look something like this:


That’s quite the rollercoaster ride there. Glad it’s the good kind. Congrats!

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I’ve been learning & trying to sleep without meds and never want to get addicted to weeds due to underlying health concerns. It’s crazy i smoke cannabis despite pneumonia, all thanks to covid-19 vaccine. I was able to smoke again on getting vaccinated

A rarity these days!

I’m glad you’re able to still able to enjoy much needed treats without overindulging. That’s something to celebrate, too!

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Ah, definitely a wise move. Have you looked into other possible solutions like tea (valerian root) or tart cherry juice? Also reducing caffeine might help!

Sure, thanks.

I’ve never tried those. I tried one readily available which is the cannabis.
I also don’t take caffeines. My sleeplessness was due to anxiety and taking cannabis was like taking 2in1 drugs

don you want to share this enjoyment with others? :cry:

Thank you so much :pray: I wish you the same feelings I had during that time.

hahaha trust me, when I go to the supermarket, I want the bigger portions! But, I know what the cost of that is. Eating that much ice cream in one sitting will spike your insulin. I’m not diabetic, and I’m trying to keep it that way.

@Ananais Do you ever overindulge?

Hi, i am cheating here because it is over 2 weeks since you asked. But for this week, it was attending two important meetings at the office two days on a row. For many reasons (and some excuses) it is over three months since I attended the office. This reinforces a belief I have that never changes, having cut my teeth at an early age on sales and pre-sales roles. Not meeting people face to face is the biggest mistake we make in this Web3.0 world where many spend over half their awake time glued to a social media screen in physical isolation from the rest of the world, kidding ourselves that " we are more productive working from home".

This further reinforced my beliefs of a lifetime. If you do not strive to meet people in the flesh, establish a personal relationship with them besides a business relationship, you not only become less effective by choosing to ignore what makes 80 to 90% of people’s decisions (trust and true friendship between colleagues) but you risk falling into mental illnesses by being isolated

Try your best to find anybody local to you with an interest in trading, and if that is impossible, then find someone who has another common interest with you. Friendships are totally under-rated in 21st century.

Of course, the second best to that is to ask questions on BabyPips. It is certainly a place I have found many friends over the past 10 or 15 years.

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Yep. It looks very similar to this and Yes, so much flavor, It got a mix of vegetables, proteins and carbs so it’s a complete and quite a heavy meal.

It originated in Northern Sri Lanka, but according to that website you got the image it’s popular in India, Singapore and many other countries. Did not know that. That’s awesome!