Through to second interview at FX Broker

Wondering if anyone knows anything about the business?

Company name: Hermex International Ltd

They seem pretty well established to me, however I’m not too sure as to how i can research the background of the business in-depth and find out more about them? So if anyone knows anything about them before i go for the second interview – MONDAY 20TH- I would appreciate any background knowledge on the business? In case I’m wasting my time

Any help/comments are appreciated.

Also any tips on what to expect? I have no prior experience in this market and am fresh out of sixth form (A-levels) , the interviewer said to come armed with any knowledge i can get about the business and the market before the interview, so i’ve just been reading up on investopedia about forex, any links or info is apprciated.

Thank you

bump, any help please?

You’re an advanced level student & you’re asking these kinds of questions on here?

What other avenues have you explored apart from asking on here?

What kind of feedback did the brokerage & IB sales desks give when you contacted & badgered them relating to your request for generic industry info?
How about the online institutional industry help desks?

How many walk-ins to Bank & Fund reception desks have you conducted?
How about enquiring on the specific industry bulletin boards/interview threads where you’ll zone in & receive feedback on the current hot topics that interviewers are focusing on?

You can be sure your competitors will be all over those options in their quest to impress the recruiting teams & they wouldn’t have had to ask those types of questions in these types of places.
You’re already way behind the curve young man.

Honestly, that wasn’t very helpful…

I think you need to be more specific for the position your taking inside the firm, or at least applying for. Are you going to be a broker? that means you’re basically a sales man. Are you going to be an analyst, a prop trader, a risk manager, trading systems engineer. There is just a lot of different stuff that could be asked but its going to be very specific. If your going to be trading most of the time they give you timed brain teasers or maths questions you need to answer. Mostly on probability theory so be prepared for those. But if you’re just going to work the phones at the brokerage house, you’re not going to need much help since they are basically used car salesmen.

lol at double 6’s answer. You do realise that an advanced level student is 17/18 who has never been in employment before (ie: no idea what to do).

To the OP, wrong place to ask is here - there are no professional/hedge fund managers here. Check out, they have some specific collated advice from candidates about their interviews.

btw: If you have no degree, no A level results of yet you are going to be going for a sales position (similar to double glazing salesman).

I’m very well aware of the age range of advanced level students are & their supposed capabilities, & if the extent of this kids initiative is to scout Babypips sniffing out hints & tips on interview techniques then I’ll stick with my original comment about being way behind the curve.

Nothing implies that asking a question here was the extent of his research. In fact he says he’s been reading up a lot so safe to assume he didn’t stop at his preparation by asking a question on a forum. The fact that he came here to ask the question from those who know the industry ( and where he expected help and support) is commendable.
Good luck in the interview and welcome to the wonderful world of work!

Ok so looking at the company they are currency brokers which help to facilitate purchases in foreign countries as opposed to being a specific forex levereaged speculation broker. e.g. an English company want to buy goods from an American company then Hermex will facilitate the transaction. From what I can see they do not offer a speculative or leveraged operation. purely a facilitative one.

FOr the interview I would recommend having the following points covered.

  1. General history of the company, how long has it been in operation, what is the structure of the company etc.

  2. Understand how they make their money, e.g. they have no charges other that the spread on what their clients pay on the exchange rate.

  3. Try and get some broad general information about the economies. e.g. 46% of the UK’s exports go to Europe therefore you would expect to be facilitating lots of Euro trades etc. (this is not really business specific but will demonstrate that you have some knowledge and decent interest in the markets)

  4. Give them your best shot at describing what you think you will be doing for the company, even if it is wrong it proves that you have at least been thinking about what you will be doing within the company.

  5. Prepare for the question. “What are your weaknesses?” this always comes up and employers hate to hear that people have no weaknesses. Try to think of a weakness that is actually a positive. Something like ‘I am over analytical’ or ‘I’m a perfectionist’

  6. Take your time and answer all questions to the best of your ability.

In my time I have interviewed hundrends of individuals and the ones that we take on are always the ones who are clear concise and can demonstrate that they have an interest in the business and a decent knowledge of what is expected of them. They may not be the best qualified but generally it is potential that an employer looks for not stuff written down on a piece of paper.

Good Luck.

I will go ahead and agree with you here double 6. Sometimes it is a bit to easy to spot who is behind the curve.

well could anybody give me an insight as to what they think about the company? Is there a chance of career progression here? Is this really worth a shot or am i wasting my time?