Tickmill UK: An ongoing review

Are you going to stay with them further or proceed to next broker test?

I’ll probably stay with them unless and until I have a reason to leave.

Changing brokers costs time and energy, and usually involves a loss of productivity as you take a reduced-risk approach in the first month. I won’t do that lightly.

My next move will probably be internal - I’d be interested in their VIP account once my trading balance hits 25k GBP.

How refreshing to see a trader who carries out due diligence before depositing money with a broker, I hope Newbies take note.

Great thread, Drekieyja, lots of good information


Sounds fair. What about your preffered trading sessions and instruments? Do you single out some favorite you keep your focus on or prefer diversify your bets?

I’m a big believer in fitting your trading to your personal circumstances, so I trade the London session and GBP crosses simply because that is my timezone and local currency.

I only trade crosses where the second currency has some kind of personal connection. I don’t feel that is strictly necessary; I just needed some kind of secondary filter to get down to four currency pairs. I could see adding another cross or two if I felt my current set was too limiting, but that has not happened yet.

i see, thanks. I feel your drive to simplicity in your trading and its really admiring.

Hello Drekieyja, Great post. I having been searching for a good broker - confused by all the different reviews out there. After reading your post, I have decided to go with Tickmill. Can you send me the referring broker code so I can get the 5% discount? Thanks.

Start from their no deposit bonus, a giveaway of 30$, though I don’t know maybe you are seasoned trader and know what you need from a broker…

Can we expect more insights on trading with this broker? Seems you’ve been to busy in trading, glad to hear what’s your progress with them.

You should try some honest brokers like IG, Avatrade, Triomarkets, or Pepperstone. All of them are Major league brokers, with HQ service.

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I heard Pepperstone is good. But Avatrade is slimy

I doubt we have try anything which hasn’t FCA regulation

Hi traders,

Tickmill recently announced its financial results for 2018.

The consolidated net profit in 2018 stood at $19.67 million, marking a surge of 33% in relation to the corresponding figure of 2017 which amounted to $14.81 million. The Group’s net trading revenue came in at $45.13 million, pointing to a 16% increase compared to the previous year.

Great broker with excellent performance and fair client treatment. They really deserve that!

Sorry for the very late response; I stepped away from the forum for a while.

I am still using Tickmill without issues. I did try Oanda for a while because they offered an account in CAD, which Tickmill does not. However, I couldn’t get past how much bigger the spreads were, and I came back to Tickmill.

I don’t know why the IB link didn’t work, but at this stage I don’t even know what my IB log-in details are, so unfortunately I’m not in a position to try again. I think that it is a shame that Tickmill has a programme like this but makes it so difficult to implement.

Have your tried to get the link from IB cabinet? I see lots of their promo materials there.

perhaps it was a new policy a few months ago for the EU, if I’m not mistaken